How to delete quick saves

sorry if this is answered elsewhere but I’m curious how to simply just delete my quick saves. Im looking to reset my ER-301 to the most basic state but would like to keep my recorded files and samples. Should I just drag the recorded folder to computer. Reformat then just load recorded back in?


Hmm… I’ve never tried since you can just overwrite. But probably deleting the files in each quicksave folder (using a PC) would be less drastic than a reformat.

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You can just delete the /ER-301/[version]/quicksaves folder to get rid of all of them, or, delete individual slot folders inside the quicksaves folder to get rid of specific quicksaves.


sorry for late reply but this worked like a charm thank you!

I had actually tried deleting the Quicksaves folder contents with no luck but deleting the entire folders cleaned it up real quick!

Quickest way to delete a quick save is to delete all the content, from each track, and then when it’s all empty, do a quicksave.

Keep in mind that the quicksaves are saved in named slots. The slot names are not part of your quicksave data. If you remove the quicksave data, the name of the slot is unchanged. Names are stored in the /ER-301/[version]/quicksaves/names.lua file.