How to finely adjust slicing markers?

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I’ve been trying to work with drum sample chains that I used in my Octatrack.
The samples chains are made of 64 samples of the same duration.
My problem is that when using autoslicing (with the raw player), the scaling is completely off and I can’t simply divide my sample by 64. The slice markers are always off.
So I tried to do it manually, but I cannot zoom and slice at the same time so the markers are quite a few ms off and I couldn’t find a way to finely adjust them.

Any ideas ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I thought there was a way to auto slice by a given number(such as 64 as you say) ?

Can someone confirm this is not the case ?

Yeah, I can’t seem to be able to zoom in to do precise slices either.

By default slices are placed at the nearest zero crossing. Hold shift while inserting to disable this behavior and place the slice right at the cursor.

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I wish Slice On Grid showed ‘number of slices’ rather than ‘time between slice’. Maybe @odevices could add it as an option somehow.

I really appreciate the new Enable Multi function where the sample player concatenates a bunch of samples - but sometimes I would prefer to have them all in one WAV.

My question though is how to zoom in, in order to place the loop points precisely.

Press the fine/coarse button and use encoder to zoom.


What @sixnon said (fine/coarse button). You can see it in action in @NeilParfitt 's video at about 24:50 in. Getting Started with the ER-301 #35 OS 0.3.X OVERVIEW PART #1 - YouTube


That’s exactly what I needed, thank you very much all :slight_smile:

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Yes! This does indeed do the trick!
I LOOOVE the inner loop points feature!
Thank you all!

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I’ve been struggling with this as well. Also, is the voltage range to select different slices always divided between 1-10v? I’m sending cv via the bus from Teletype.

I suppose the real question is why ‘slice by grid’ never seems to align with a beat?:thinking:

I have the same issue, and indeed zooming in is not a real solution, as I have quite a lot of sample to be divided in 64 by hand and in some chains, like wavetables, it’s very difficult (or even possible) to distinguish wave forms.
I like the way the Octatrack implements it : just specify an integer to divide the sample by 16, 32, 64, …
Maybe we could ask this to Brian as a feature request ?

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I did find that using the shift slice command can get things pretty tight.

I am working with two bar loops. I sliced by grid and scrolled until I had 16 sections. The problem is when you do that, it’s impossible to get it symmetrical. However, using the shift command, I was focusing on the center line and scooting it to the left until it was in the middle. This appears to more the first Slice off the map, so I think had to scroll all the way left, to the beginning and manually add a new 1st slice. But now I have properly space 8th note slices.