How to have a control IDENTICAL to f0 of oscillators?

hello people! how can i create a custom control that behaves EXACTLY like the f0 (frequency) control of onboard oscillators?

i need it for a very very nice project i almost finished (and i’m sure you’ll appreciate :smiley: )

Not possible with v0.4.11!

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Erm, but you can do it in Lua in the middle layer?

I am pretty sure I have done this on several occasions… but maybe I don’t understand fully :slight_smile:

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Yes you can!


i guessed it. is there any hope for the future?
anyway i found a workaround for now :slight_smile:
releasing my best effort in 5 minutes from now :slight_smile:

i have to study lua!!! argghhh

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You will be glad you did - honestly, it can be conceptually a bit of a leap sometimes, and also mind bending too, but on the whole it’s really straightforward!