How to load custom units

hey frends me again …i try too load some custom units in the er …but its not working …where to put the lua files ?

Since you mention the .lua extension, I assume you are talking about bespoke units like the ones from Joe’s Accents library? They should go in the /libs folder in the root of your SD-card.

By the way, I think questions like these might be suitable for this thread Just starting with the ER-301? Ask Your Questions Here! - #60 by lleicamun

Just to be sure to give the right advice, please tell us where you got the lua files from and what firmware version you are running.

I have all the files from the fohrum … and I have the latest firmware on the her

Unfortunately, that doesn’t add any information that I can use to help you. Can you choose one specific custom unit and ask about it please?

Or maybe this page will help you?

yas and sorry me englisch is not the best

For the scannable harmonic oscillator, you want to use the v3 file with the *.unit extension.
Place it anywhere on your card and then load it as a unit preset: unit insert screen > presets (S3) > select the file > press ENTER.

This is also described here:

along with other user contributed custom units.

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jehh manny thank s i will try it now

unfortunately it does not work … I have a new folder created the file loaded … but I can not see the er301 does not show me the file …i lord the v3 fiele and on the er is the nuest firmware …eny ideer s ? maby im too stupid sorry for this

i have just checked it and it works fine under 0.4.26. It should be ok after renaming it with .unit extension