How to reach Brian?

Hi all!

First post. Big 301 fan! (Even though I don‘t own one. Yet.)

I‘ve been trying to reach Brian regarding in order to (hopefully) buy a 301 in April, but have gotten no replies.
Not sure if the contact form works so well so I thought I‘d reach out through the forum.
I hope I‘m not annoying anyone with this.

@odevices, I‘d live to give you money. :slight_smile:
Is April a good time for that?


They’re available to order now. Are you wondering if there will be a batch in April?

A friend of mine is in Tokyo in April and could bring the 301 with him. It‘d be a matter of timing to have it sent to his hotel when he‘s there.
Also I had a payment question in regards to this plan.

To place an order I have to use the contact form through which I have not gotten a reply yet.

Sounds like something just went wrong. I’m sure Brian will reply here.

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That’s weird I thought I did reply to you a long time ago… Those emails from the web form all look like they come from me (unless I dig down and look at the reply-to field) so it is possible that someone else asked a similar question at the same time and I lumped you both together in my mind.

I’ll try again!

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Woohoo! That’s great.

I re-checked my emails and only found registration confirmations for the OD forum and such.

@odevices, I sent you a message through the contact form again, just now.
I hope you can find it.