How to reboot er301 without turning off system / 301 crackling

I was wondering if there’s a way of rebooting the module without turning off the whole system (as there’s other modules I can’t save the settings on). Reason being that the 301 is crackling a lot. Perhaps this is only an issue with the version im using (4.2), I will update once this track is finished. But for now I’m kind of stuck as I haven’t recorded what I’ve done yet, 301 has started crackling and I can’t reboot whole system as I’ll lose settings on another module … any ideas? I know restarting the module fixes it as it’s happened before.

Not the smartest thing to be doing but edit: TERRIBLE IDEA: you can unscrew the module from your case and disconnect the ribbon cable and plug it back in.

There’s an option to reboot in admin mode. I believe you go to the firmware update section and can reboot without actually changing firmware.

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Thank you! Completely forgot about that option. Worked perfectly as expected, problem solved

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Please do not do this. There is no way to insure all power rails are disconnected simultaneously and the likelihood of damaging your modules is VERY high!

There’s a button labeled “RST” on the Olimex board that will reboot the module if you have access to the back, but as per the sticky suggesting you NEVER power up your case without the module screwed in to the rails, I don’t recommend doing this either.


Agreed. Eurorack is NOT hot-pluggable.