How to save pin sets within a custom instrument?

Ok, I’ve tried finding the answer but to no avail and I lost a perfectly tweaked mega pin set so I need to ask before I continue… And I know someone is going to point me to some obvious post that I’ve missed somehow. Haha.

How do I save Pin Sets? (Hold Mode)

I’m creating a custom instrument which is made up of different parts (drum machine) so I’ve saved the instrument as a chain with a series of mixers etc. For some reason the Pin Set is sort of there in Hold Mode still but it lost all my assignments to the parameters they were controlling.

I’m guessing Quicksave would work but is there some other way? Should I be creating within one of the ‘Container’ objects to save it as one self contained instrument with pins and all?

Any help would be awesome!

Hmm, I’ve tried to save within a Container, a preset, a chain. No luck. :confused:
Might update my firmware just in case it’s that in the mean time.

Pins are not part of a unit preset but rather considered as part of the quicksave. In other words, it’s patch level stuff.

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Ok. So just to confirm, the only way to save pins with a preset/chain is via Quicksave?

Thanks for the help!

Pretty sure they also save with the channel chain.


Oops. Forgot about that. Joe is correct but only in the sense that they are saved with the output chains OUT1-4.

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Could you explain how to save with the channel chain? If it’s how I usually save my instruments, it doesn’t save the pin assignments within the instrument, only a quick save seems to unless I’m not doing a ‘channel chain’ save? Basically top most layer of the patch, far left and hit save.


I think you have it right. Basically place your cursor over Out1 for example and save.

However, I just tried it on 0.5.1 and it only seems to save the pinsets, but not the pinned controls assigned to it.

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Yes, the same with the last version of 4.x. Thanks for confirming!

@odevices , is there any chance to make that possible again (if it ever was)? It’d still allow powerful use of the pin functions but not waste Quicksave Slots. Easier to share too.
That would be great!