How to sing a chord :)

Hello crew.
I’ve been putting some hours into archiving a patch that’s a triple grain gliss chord building thing. Dub looper that seeds material for 3 grain engines. Pitch controlled by crossfader, precision adders and keyboard. Very giving combo.
Here’s a link to the video that’s a piece broke off the podcast series I do called “Hanging Out With Audiophiles”

Called “How to Sing a Chord”

hope you enjoy it


wow thanks so much for sharing your process. i hope we get to see more patching videos from you :slight_smile:


Oh my, this is awesome!
And am i the only one who thinks it’s great Mr. Lidell himself is sharing stuff?


Yes, that’s awesome. Thanks for posting this video !

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I agree. Thanks, the looper/grains business is something I have no previous experience of. coupled with the 301 it’s a cracking vid I can use in the future as a guide to patching some experiments.

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Glad it’s been inspiring ! Love the 301 for this