httpS, please?


Really enjoying the ER-301–can’t wait for the new update!

I know we’re probably all sophisticated users here and would never re-use passwords, but in case somebody isn’t, it’d sure be nice if their chosen password weren’t sent unencrypted. I do realize https is a hassle, but is it possible the forum could be set to use it?

Thanks for your consideration.


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Good point. We are looking into this, Jj. Kel or I will post here when we have news. In the meantime, please only use your level 0 disposable passwords for this site!

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Yeah, will sort this out :slight_smile:

While the subject is being discussed, it may be worth mentioning that everyone, no matter what, should be using some kind of password manager. There really is no excuse.

I personally use LastPass - it’s very good!!

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Hey everyone,

So I am going to enable https soon, this means the site will be unavailable for a short time while the application is rebuilt.

It should all work fine, but if you come back to the site and get any error messages please try refreshing the page or re-entering the forum url in your browser.

If this doesn’t work then please get in touch and let me know what’s happened.

With a little luck this shouldn’t be necessary though, all should be fine :slight_smile:

And we’re back with encryption - yay!