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Hum, digital noise


problem is that i plan to use the er 301 mainly in a portable case, and in places where i don´t have a mixer. hence the pico out i got. the module i would listen through it all the time…


@eremitalf and @chapelierfou

Would it be possible to get a recording of the noise that you are hearing? It would be ideal, if you could engage the 6-track recorder on the ER-301 at the same as you take the external recording and send me both files.


@chapelierfou do you have a cable for putting the tiles into the monorocket case? maybe this way we could at least see if the tile is the problem or the power…
if the tile runs well in the monorocket case it would be a power issue…


i’ll do this asap.
@Evs : same.


@odevices I’ll do that as soon as I reinstall my studio. I’m currently moving to another house so I’ll need at least two weeks!


Haha ! I just moved in a new house as well last week, hence the delay to make the record !


Were these noise problems ever resolved?


I would like to buy a synthrotek lunchbox…
But I remembered this thread.
Has this been solved? Anyone knows what the reason for the hum is?


Back to the thread !
@odevices this is still happening here, and i just realized that you once asked for a recording, is it still helpful ?
@Mooko here is the original thread.


Rereading the thread, I realized you stated this:

I didn’t catch that before but this makes it very likely that there is a ground loop in your system. I wish I had caught that before going out an buying a Pittsburgh Out :blush: So really we would need to know the entire situation to debug it. Here is another thread for reference:


Thanks, i’ll take the time to read this thread. But it is happening in 3 different cases. Only with the PulpLogic Output Tile.


I buy this power adaptator on Syinsi.com

for my synthrotek power lunch
Maybe it filtering the noise of the pulplogic 1u output
Waiting for my 1u tile
Then I try and tell you !


It could be the PL Output tile. I don’t have a 301, but I had similar experiences with the tile. It was a pretty noisy output, as well. I’m assuming you’re also using one of the tile “tail” power adaptors, which could also have a short. If you are, you could try different tails, but the ground loop could be somewhere in the bottom of that, too.
(I know I read that you only have this issue with the 301, so, sorry if I’m beating a dead horse.)

In the end, I bought a WMD Pro Output, used it on the same system and it got rid of all of the humming and noise.


I’m getting lots of digital noise from the Gx inputs. This became apparent to me only recently while i had plugged in some envelopes (instead of the usual gates).
Here is a recording straight into the 6-track-recorder (in G1/2/3/4 out ch1): https://soundcloud.com/traumgmbh/gxnoise/s-8fBRw
There is nothing plugged into the 301. While recording i switch manually between the 4 gate inputs. Different noise at different inputs, very strange. I use 2 tiptop uzeus for powering.
Any clues whats happening here?


Are you using those for audio and cv? I assumed they were only for gates, so I’ve never monitored them.


I use them for CV, i guess envelopes should be fine? Today i was running a 4 voice patch, env from just friends into Gx, opening vcas to let through the sines. And here is were the noise is coming in…


Was that recording of a channel with just a gate input, nothing else in the chain, straight out?

How are you hearing the noise when the vca is opening to let the sines through? The envelope is changing the amplitude of the signal (sines) via the vca as a control signal, so it shouldn’t affect the signal with noise, right? Listened to it again - the sound is very odd…almost like you’re picking up some interference of some sort.

Also, checked the wiki and it says unipolar envelopes should be fine.


yeah, sounds like RF noise to me.


Exactly. It’s one channel with gate in > out, into six track recorder.
Apparently the noise is modulating the vca in conjunction with the envelope coming into g. Thus it is always present.
On further testing it seems that writing/reading to the sd card has an effect on the noise, so it’s probably coming from the 301?


@odevices Can you have a look at this please. Maybe it is grounding issue? I know modules powered by uzeus are prone on having all sorts of noise problems but this is pretty severe. When i use all 4 inputs for envelopes i have basically this x4.