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Hum, digital noise


can i ask you which kind of brick are you using to power the uZeus? because i use two of them since 4 years to power my 104hp 12u system and i encountered very little problems.
i for one am using really overpowered bricks (75 watt, which divided by 15 volts of uZeus gives me 5 Ampère of power theoretically, but the brick is regulated to send out no more than 4A…anyway this gives me a lot of headroom compared to the 1,5 to 2 A requested by uZeus.)
i’ve heard bad stories with uZeus with the bricks supplied by tiptop which were very narrow on power (1A or 1,5A). if you can just buy a universal laptop power brick that has 15 volts output (mine can give from 12 to 24 and you choose with a selector) and that has a minimum of 40 watts. you may (or may not) solve your problem with this simple replacement.


Same problem here ! with synthrotek board


Thanks. The two uzeus are powered with a 1.5A and a 1A brick. I had the 301 and an Ansible+Grid on the 1A one, probably already borderline…wasn’t even aware of that :smirk: i now have the ansible plugged to the other uzeus with plenty of headroom but unfortunately that did not remove the noise. Tomorrow i’ll take the 301 and a uzeus out of the case for further testing.s


I have an ER-301 running with a Teletype, Disting and Walk from a uzeus witha 2A brick. No noise or power issues here.


I’ll take a look after I get this firmware out in a few days. :bowing_man:


Thank you. Take your time!


Brian sorry for calling you out,
but i have still this super annoying Noise issue on the Gate inputs.

Sounds like this: https://soundcloud.com/traumgmbh/gxnoise/s-8fBRw
Here i am soloing each of the four different mixers with each a G1/2/3/4 input, straight out to my mixer. Now imagine the noise floor when i use all four inputs e.g. getting envelopes opening vca’s. :confounded:
Nothing is plugged into the 301. I power my minicase with a uzeus, plenty of power, changing the brick does nothing. Putting a slew unit behind the gate fixes the noise… but then i have obviously 3ms slew on my envelopes. The noise is also slightly changing when i use the 6-track recorder. I am super sure the source is in fact the er301…maybe the noise gets amp’ed up with the 301 in conjunction with my case/power situation?
Any help? Thank you :pray:


dollars to donuts its the uzeus - sounds like a grounding issue to me but no idea. I have 0 problems with any modules and i use a linear Meanwell- i get 7 amps and it cost me about $120…
So many problems are fixed with proper grounding and a decent PSU


possibly not relevant, but that noise sounds familiar to me.
i wanted to plug my carry on case which contains the 301
into my guitar amp.
first i routed the outputs of the 301 through a mackie mixer (Mackie 1202 VLZ4)
into the solid state amp (rocktron velocity 300 which is one of the most silent gutiar
amps i know, i.e. to me it is pretty silent). that resulted in a pretty noisy sound, very much
like yours.
first i suspected the amp to be the problem. i ruled out the er301, since it behaved in my personal studio.
then i just took the mackie mixer out of the chain and plugged the 301 directly into the amp and the noise was gone…

your description includes a mixer, too. did you carefully (!) tried to plug the 301 directly into your recording device, thus avoiding the mixer? if you did, what kind of recording device are you using?


i use uzeus and i have no problem at all with noise on the 301. all perfectly clean.
note that i use two very overpowered bricks to power my two uzeus modules. uzeus use max 1.5 A and i’m sending them more than 3A each. mega-headroom :smiley:


So far there’s no difference between two uzeus and two different bricks. Next i’ll try changing house and put up my minirig (yay…portable) there. Then maybe change to a 4ms power solution and hope for improvement. I have no issues with other modules btw.


I recorded the soundcloud snippet internally with the 6 track recorder (there i noticed that the noise is slightly changing when recording). Atm i’m going from the 301 directly to a intellijel headphones out, with normal amplication i can hear the noise very clearly coming from one channel, maybe in the mix it gets drowned, but often i set up 4x poly units, so the noise appears x4…no good :disappointed_relieved:

…well…that’s brave :open_mouth:
There’s a 301, ansible+grid, just friends, and two 1u intellijel modules in my minicase, should consume ca 1.3 A, so no problem on that front. Can you tell me which brick exactly you are using?


via a busboard or flying connectors?


atlantis universal notebook a/c adapter, 75W , max 3,5 A from 9 to 18 v


How about not using the Gx inputs for envelope duties? Use the INx or ABCDx inputs instead.


Something doesn’t quite add up here also. To be honest, whenever I hear someone lamenting on noise issues and they say they are using uZeus to power their systems, I kind of cringe. Isn’t the uZeus the cheapest eurorack supply out there? :thinking: I’ve lost track of the number of revisions and there is no consistency with respect to what power brick users end up with. The power brick is everything in a uZeus system right? So in the end when I hear uZeus, I have to just assume, the user is essentially playing russian roulette with power bricks. Who knows what they got. :scream_cat:


How about a Deadband filter at a small value like 0.001 to 0.003? How about a Low pass filter with Q=0 and f0=1000Hz?


Thanks for your reply…i get your point! The way my current mini case is build it doesn’t allow any other power solution. Maybe i’ll try a 4ms row power… if i catch one cheaply, i will also try different bricks.

The Deadband filter intruduces some gnarly glitches in the envelope release, the low pass filter works better but is still altering the shape… i will use it on lesser snappy things.


sorry @nocables, somehow i lost your question. via flying cables.
3x each uzeus. this is my system:

29 modules powered by 2 uZeus. heard a lot of sad stories but personally never had a single problem. guess i was lucky :slight_smile: