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Hum, digital noise


So, still no luck with the noise issues. I think I try everything possible, every combination of power supplies and cases, running the ER-301 in one case and the Output in another one, etc.
No luck. Still noise when I scroll through the screen, switch to admin/scope, at boot, etc.


Would you like to return it to me for analysis?

Also, did you say that you had no noise with a Monorocket case?


I might borrow one from a friend and see if the same thing happens.
Also, after testing, it happens also with my monorocket case. It’s noisy in all cases with all power supplies and with all output modules.


I’m referring to these posts from last year. Was there a change in your setup since then?


Honestly I have no idea if something changed or if I was drunk. I changed some of the modules for sure. What I can say is that it happens on the Monorocket case as well.


Did anything to do with how your case’s power supply is grounded change over time? Change surge protectors, wall outlet/plug, move to a new house, split equipment across different power strips, etc.


Has anyone had any noise issues with 4MS power or the Pods? I’m having noise issues on a small system I built (301 + Hermod) with a Synthrotek Case Power Mini Yellow, so I’m thinking of switching to a 4MS row power or Pod60


I think nothing has changed since June 2017.


Could you elaborate? Waiting on my 301 and would hate to burn it on first plug in!


This has been removed on new models.



Ah, great thanks! Feeling much safer now!