Hum noise when on sample operations menu, pedal buffer menu

Hum noise when on sample operations menu, pedal buffer menu

it’s similar to the display intensity/hard disk type noise mentioned here before.
My case has the doepfer PSU2 power and output is the Circuit AbbeyUnify
small video

yeah sounds related to the issues reported in this thread

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Did this just start happening? What did you change in your case? Details please!

Mine does this too, but it seems like something some modules do. Not sure ehen it started, or if it’s been doing this the entire time.

It’s noticeable when I increase the system volume. My system changes all the time, difficult to say.
I don’t feel it’s caused from interfering with other modules…What happened with the others had similar problem?

What others are you referring to? Other modules?

members as @chapelierfou. It seems that I have the same issue:

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Did you read the thread?

Please keep in mind, that I have never been able to reproduce this hum. So at this point I can only dream up possible problems. I need more information! You haven’t told me what your audio routing is yet, for example. Then there is the question of power and how much you are using.

Doepfer PSU. I’ve run some tests by minimising the number of modules. Same.
ER301>Circuit Abbey Unify>Bass Amp
ER301>Circuit Abbey Unify>Bose Speaker

Then doing pattern matching with the referenced thread, it might be some kind of interaction with the Circuit Abbey Unify. Can you bypass it?

If I connect the ER301’s output straight to the Bass amp or to the speaker there is no hum.
If I route it via Unify or Addac 802 or Addac 601 ( something that amplifies the signal) then its here…
ER301 likes to be last in the chain? :slight_smile:

Since the configuration that has no hum also does not use any patch cables, can you rule out a problem with any patch cables?

…still present.
The hum comes in admin menu and in user menu only at the loading units menu.

I detect a non-sequitur. I asked about patch cables and now you are talking about menus. :thinking:

do you want me to rule out that’s not patch cable fault?

Yes that is right.

…well I’ve tried different cables (they are all doepfer though)…

No that is fine. If swapping cables does not make the problem go away then it is probably not a cabling issue.

What is the setting of your 5V source switch? And which Doepfer PSU?