I am looking for an ER 301 teacher

Hello everyone!

I am a professional percussionist but a beginner with the electronic part. I would like to deepen the handling of the ER 301 and I am looking for a private teacher who could teach me step by step.
I can speak a little English but I prefer if you speak a little Spanish.
Can anybody help me?

Welcome! I don’t speak any Spanish beyond “Hello” and “Thank you”, so I can only offer help in English and/or German. But I’m sure there are some people here who can speak Spanish as well :slight_smile:


Also, a lot of people are not aware that in the last year or so translation technology has improved a lot. I’ve been really impressed with the machine translations that www.deepl.com comes up with lately.

Además, mucha gente no es consciente de que en el último año la tecnología de la traducción ha mejorado mucho. Me han impresionado mucho las traducciones automáticas que hace www.deepl.com últimamente.

I can’t evaluate the Spanish but it does really well for Japanese.

No puedo evaluar el español pero lo hace muy bien para el japonés.

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Thank you very much for your message and interest, I contact you by private :slight_smile: