I killed my 101

Yep, my first ever module death by power connection fail - it’s hard to know exactly what I did wrong, but I think I plugged my Four Bricks Rook in the wrong way and this somehow caused a power fail somewhere that did the damage. In my defence there is no marking for -12V on the 4BR, but I still consider it my fault because I should have marked it the moment I saw it was missing.

It’s also possible that I messed up connecting the ER-101/2, but I have a three check protocol when connecting power:

  1. look before connecting

  2. look after connecting

  3. when all modules are in and before reconnecting power go through them all again

I did this… so who knows?

I didn’t say so when I did it because it was after I uploaded the new reset firmware for the 102 and didn’t want to cause panic as I was fairly sure it wasn’t the firmware that had done it.

Anyway, managed to diagnose what was wrong (probably!) with @odevices and he is very kindly going to sort it out for me - first class service as always!

Bit of a pain in the ass, but I used it as an excuse to erm… try out the Eloquencer hehe - hey - I refuse to be down about anything for very long and will always do whatever it takes to keep the vibe going! My poor credit card is wondering what the hell is going on recently :smiley:

So… While I feel like a bit of a splitter, a traitor? Hehe :joy: I am really enjoying the playability of the Eloquencer, an ER-101/2 it is absolutely not, but it does have some very nice features and I really like the accessibility of it, on a front row it’s just ‘there’

Firmware feels half finished, if it is made feature complete, then it could be an absolute killer module!

Onward and upward!!


I was intrigued by the eloquencer, but that 1 gate and cv out per track was a deal breaker for me. There are a couple of other sequencers upcoming that have goofy icons as buttons and such, or the same out limitations, and man just so many new sequencers missing the mark.

Glad you are liking the eloquencer though, and sorry about your 101. May it be revived quickly!


Yeah, I know what you mean, second CV is super useful on the ER-101

There is tok of a possible expander that will add additional CV out!

And talk of a lot of other things too… will have to wait and see :wink:

The nicest thing about the Eloquencer is all the probability - super!

This sounds like the title of a track, “I killed my 101”

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gutted :frowning:

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Yeah, pretty gutted, but @odevices thing care of me even though it was my own fault - it kinda feels like falling off a tall building and being rescued by Superman!!!

:star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:


That is pretty cool.

I finally got round to posting my 101/2 back to O|D, the repairs have been done and they are on their way back to me… I can’t say how much I appreciate Brian’s help in this situation - above and beyond the call of duty and absolutely first rate customer service.

I wish there were more suitable words… despite my efforts I feel I am still falling short!

If anyone has any doubts about investing in O|D all I can say is there is no reason at all to hesitate - brilliant modules - awesome firmware development - at times unbelievable response to bug fixing - and if you’re ever unfortunate enough to do something silly like I did, O|D has got your back.

Apparently I really did blow it all up - heheh I guess I don’t like doing things by halves :smiley:

I also treated myself to a new set of panels, so they will be ‘original’ - I did this so I could feel like they were new - I think it will work!! Anyone else swapped panels?


I recently got my 102 back from being serviced by Brian and had an “Original” panel mounted up, I also requested he send me an original flavor for my 101; which took me a long minute to replace. I had bought these units used from someone who needed to move them fast. Now my Orthogonal collection doesn’t look all hodgepodge.

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Cool - I am quite intrigued to see how I like them, my gut reaction at first was no, but over time I have become curious, I think I will like it :slight_smile:

And yeah, the construction of these modules is superb - super tight - not an entirely trivial undertaking!


My ER-101/2 arrived in the UK and due to ‘human error’ have been very promptly shipped back to Japan - the parcel didn’t even make it to the customs assessment stage!

I am lost for words, all things considered, I am totally ashamed of my country, we are an international embarrassment.


My heart would be weighing heavy in my throat and a tinge of anger would wink at me through a filter of something near rage as the frustration of incompetence rained upon my day. Sympathies going out to you.

Thanks @Unity2k - just those few words make me feel better already :slight_smile:

Believe me, by the 12th phone call I did lose my temper! If I wasn’t just hung up on the moment the representative realised it wasn’t a simple query, it was that they gave wrong information (literally making stories up and guessing), fobbed me off to another department, gave me wrong numbers to call that just have a message saying this number no longer in service etc…

It’s not the thing in itself - it’s just a thing - I don’t care that much about things; it’s the sheer waste of time, my time, their time but most importantly for us as a community, Brian’s time; it’s beyond the pale and I can only apologise to everyone.

Edit: I just checked - it was the 18th phone call by the time I found someone who actually took responsibility, looked into it and gave me a sensible answer.


I never ever buy this ‘rag’ but The Sun today did make me laugh, for a ‘Greater Britain’ … as if :smiley:


Was the mixup to do with it returning from repair (and therefore no import duty was due)?

I would imagine this is the case with such a tiny percentage of the parcels going through customs that it was much more likely to fall foul of red tape.

I was expecting this, but no, one of the phone calls I made was to customs and the parcel was never even brought to their attention, so they had nothing to do with it.

Finally in receipt of 101/2 - the piss take “Parcel Farce” is well deserved; they couldn’t even be bothered trying to deliver it, I waited in all day for it, but they even had the gall to lie and said they tried but actually just dumped it at the local post office; rips in the box, corners smashed in - total and utter lack of any care in handling - these people do not deserve to have jobs. I had to run into town to the local post office to collect it myself before it sat in a room for another week. It would have been a thousand times easier for me to travel to Japan and back myself rather than use these miserable sods.

Anyway… letting go of all the frustration and anger at the total absence of anything resembling competence or service from Parcel Force and moving on…

…the good news is that it seems to have survived intact and looks ace - looking forward to getting it back in my rack at the weekend :smiley:

Thank you once again to @odevices for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty and for having the patience of the highest order saint :bowing_man:


Hey @anon83620728

I’m happy to hear that it finally got to you! What an adventure that was. :laughing:

Whenever problems like this frustrate me I go to this picture and the accompanying words by one of my childhood heroes, Carl Sagan:

Just add Parcel Force to the list. Haha. That is just the first part, the rest can be read here:



Thanks Brian - not half - I think it is probably one of the most well travelled ER-101/2 in existence, it’s literally been round the world 2 1/2 times :smiley:

Carl Sagan is awesome!!

I watch this, similar idea I guess: