I want another 301.... It's that good. my drunken ramble

I have to say… I know its only at sub version 0.4 but man… this module is so great I already want a second. I dream up ideas and the next day BOOM I create them.
the UI is great, assigning inputs is so well done. nothing feels like a real chore. I am looking forward to more bespoke units getting created as far as more envelopes and oscillator and filters etc. but what is there is fantastic to work with.
I use the sample scanner to get new vco wave shapes… man Brian I don’t know you. … Thank you for such a kick ass product. I wanna say well done, but I’m gonna save that till you hit 1.0 and we can all party at what obviously will be a red carpet event filled with a bunch of celebs… or at least a bunch of eurorack nerds. … screw it, well done.


Being able to turn imagination into reality is the truly remarkable thing about this module. I have about two weeks with my second (couldn’t hack it the first time around) ER-301 and although we’re still sub 1.0, the user interface has become ridiculously intuitive. As a person who can usually serve as a litmus test for how idiot proof a module can be, I am starting to thrive within the 301 landscape, and most of my units at this point are still “I wonder if I can also do this…Holy cow, I can…” tracks. In some ways the depth of capability has been a little speed bump in taking my modular from ambient background sound to actual music, but I am enjoying every second of it.


yah, after about an year of friendship with my 301 i still got this feeling of awe and surprise.
couple of days ago i was asked by a friend which i will support in his first live performance wether i had a pitch shifter for his voice (realtime).
i said: “well, let’s see” and built one with the 301 :smiley:
lot’s of eureka moments ehehhehe

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yay forums!

it is the future…

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…and the present :smiley: