I2C communication with Axoloti

was going back to my Axoloti (http://www.axoloti.com) today and had some fun with it, checked the forum and saw some posts about i2c and tought to myslef -“it would be really nice and useful to send data to the 301 from axoloti” as it has both midi ports and a usb host, and i have lots of midi gear, using the Squarp pyramid as my main sequencer. I myself is to much of a graphical guy to make it happen i think, but does anybody know if it would be possible? Does anyone else here have an axoloti?
other thoughts or ideas?

i plan trying to send i2c to the 301 from an RPi, but won’t be able to before a few weeks. I’ll try to document the process when i do that.

oh wow, i didn’t know the axoloti can be an i2c master. are you sure about this? i have one too!! that might open up a lot of possibilities!!!

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“I2C is a well defined standard that includes a way to address multiple devices on one bus (if they have different addresses). Implementing an I2C bus master is easy.” said the creator himself on the forums.


this thread also seems useful: http://community.axoloti.com/t/i2c-connectivity-could-you-clarify/2561

This would be awesome!

oh! interesting, so i replied on that post to ask some additional (n00b) infos to Johannes!
this might open up some very cool cross-patching ideas!!!

yes! and being able to use alla the connection from the axo to the 301, analog ins, usb host. din midi, usb midi!

check this link to if you missed it, got some instructions how to set it up for a arduino, cant be that much different?