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I2C communication with Monome Ansible?


I’ve always had trouble with my teletype when running scripts that fast. 1ms seems way below of what works for me in a stable way. Always thought this was a known limitation of teletype. Should it be able to run that fast?


The Metronome M should run at 25 ms safely - everything below is called experimental and has an individual operator M! to make this clear and allay overestimated expectations. Minimum value is 2 ms.


in that case you have to use use patch cables :slight_smile:


What if i don’t have patch cables ? :grin:


loooool !


go to buy some ! lol


sorry to dig up the corpse :smiley: but is ansible a i2c slave only as er-301? because if not it would be really interesting to explore the opportunities offered by grid+ansible---->er-301 without patch cords…i guess it would need a dedicated app on the ansible side…


Ansible is a slave as well. Right now there is only the Teletype as master.


This is the biggest hurdle to overcome as far as the current implementations surrounding i2c are concerned, it’s a wicked problem but I have faith that this will be resolved one day - well, lets say I have my hopes set :wink:


Yes please! The upcoming fader thingy discussed on the lines forum works as i2c master so this would surely be possible to implement in the ansible firmware.
I’m using ansible with the 301 all the time (right now: polyphonic sequences with the new earthsea app) and it would be amazing to free the inputs for other things.


If you’re interested in firmware changes to Ansible, I highly recommend taking your ideas over to lines. There’s no single feature request thread for Ansible, so you might start a new thread for your feature.

If you are interested in learning more about firmware hacking on Ansible, here’s a starting point: