I2C communication with Monome Teletype

Brian Crabtree (@tehn over on llllllll.co) would like to collaborate with @odevices on a potential implementation of I2C communication between the ER-301 and Monome Teletype. You guys should chat!


I support this! :grin:

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I would like to see this happen as well!

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A marriage between Monome gear and O|D would sway me to grab a Grid, Ansible, and Teletype.

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The Ansible/Arc 4 combo has had me intrigued for a bit, as well as Teletype. If a collaboration of some type happened, I’d be in the same boat.


What kind of obvious things would you guys imagine ?
Access to cv generated by TT, or something more complex ?

This would be amazing. I purchased a teletype to go with my 301 and it has been really great. Not sure what this could entail but something as simple as clock sync or as complex as preset loading. Teletype doesn’t have SD storage, so maybe something like scene loading from 301 card? Maybe using some IO from the 301 as conditional inputs to teletype scripts?

It’s very cool to see the development happening on the teletype. Open source expanders, totally new features and operators prototyped and discussed almost daily.

Their displays match pretty well too :wink:

This would be excellent! +1

Presence of thread acknowledged! :+1:

I want to get back to Brian’s email before I say anything here. Post later.


Crikey… we’ve seen what one Brian can do… imagine the possibilities with TWO!!!


Sorry - couldn’t resist!


Sorry for the OT: if anyone has any tips on where to find a video that actually explains what you can do with a Grid and Ansible, I’d be really grateful for the info :smile_cat:

Apart from that – pretty cool to see what comes out of this – seems like a meeting of two powerhouses.

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@josker have you checked out the videos at http://www.monome.org ?

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It’s not video, but the Ansible docs over at monome.org are pretty easy to follow.

wow! if this happens i will have a look into the teletype…

Don’t have any monome gear at this point but I have to say from watching demos, etc., those modules seem to share a kindred spirit with the O|D modules in some way. Could be interesting!

Teletype is already on my “someday” list. Like @josker I am not sure I fully understand what the grid and ansible do. Watched the videos and kind of got it but, in particular with the grid, didn’t get a sense of what it’s like to set one up for a patch, or what all it can do.

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I think we’re in the same boat - for such a tactile (and blank!) interface, I’d really need to see the basics - how to construct 16 steps of sequence, how to extend it to 128 steps, how to transpose or edit velocities… if any of these things are even relevant for the grid. Oh well. Thanks for the tips, everyone, will have a look!

With Ansible and Grid you’ve got two sequencers :
Kria, which is a very powerful melody sequencer with polyrhythms, different lengths for parameters, transpositions, etc… It can do simple things but encourages you to go in a polymetric world.
Meadowphysics is more a trigger sequencer (with an option to generate 4 pairs of pitch+trigger as well) based on cascading counters. You set the rate by how far from the left side you “drop” a trigger, like if it was falling to the ground. A trigger is produced each time a counter hits the “ground”. The crazy part is that, in addition, you can trigger a “rule” each time a trigger occurs, like randomize, increase or decrease the length, etc…And even act on other trigger channels.


I’m in the same boat too… all lost at sea :slight_smile:

I know this stuff appeals to me on one level,but on another it makes me want to run away!

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As someone with Teletype, Ansible, TT expanders, and an ER-301, I’d love this. Just Type (the TT mode for Just Friends) is already fantastic and a great example of what sort of Ops would work well for the 301: https://www.whimsicalraps.com/pages/just-type


I would like to point out that teletype does not work natively with Monome grid or arc. It works with a USB keyboard.

Sorry if the above is an insult to your intelligence but I have read multiple times at muffwigglers “I can’t use a teletype because I don’t have a grid or an arc.” It is purely text input to drive the teletype scripts. The teletype can communicate with 5 different modules over i2c, and some of those modules can connect to a grid or arc.