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I2C communication with Monome Teletype


Native Grid support is coming :slight_smile: The 2.1 firmware discussion on the lines forum is really exciting.

It’s a module that keeps on getting better and better. During NAMM, Intellijel mentioned potential Teletype support for the Tetrapad. I haven’t heard anything about that since.

But yes, just to reiterate @Geremy’s point: all you need is a TT. The keyboard is used for programming it, but isn’t actually needed for performance. You can use the front panel knob and button to change the currently active “Scene”, which is a collection of eight triggered scripts, an initialization script, and a metronome (auto-triggered) script. You can use the keyboard to manually trigger scripts, so it certainly can be used for performance.


very keen to see where this goes!

first thing that comes to mind is a virtual bus of cv and gate inputs inside the 301 that is addressed via teletype scripts.

second thing that comes to mind is using teletype scripts to “poll” the 301’s physical input states, basically turning the 301 into a hardware input expander.


I’ve given this some thought and while I really don’t want to put a dampener on this and I know it’s not popular with @odevices, I would much rather see the midi reveal implemented :sweat:

As discussed here:

Of course there’s no reason why both can;t be done eventually :slight_smile:


Put that way, I absolutely agree - MIDI has a vast number of possible applications, and you don’t have to buy into one maker’s modules.


there have been talks of midi support for teletype, so perhaps it could function as a bridge to the 301 at some point.



The more interactions possible the better, obviously it’s up to @odevices as to what actually happens but my personal feeling is to cater to as many people as possible in the first instance, whatever that may be :slight_smile:

More generally I think the same thing applies here as everything else that’s outside of the core OS development, I would still prefer the core OS to reach version 1.0 above all else.


I2C with the 301 would be amazing. So much potential.


Also the 301s outputs are AC coupled so it can’t do cv. If you could somehow ‘send’ internal modulation sources to the teletype outputs, that would be awesome.

I didn’t mention cv/gate or teletype modulating the 301 because I assume it would be the first thing implemented.


as i understand in these i2c communications teletype initiates the events - sending commands and requesting values from other modules. so it could poll the 301 for data pretty fast, but not at audio rate. still verrry useful tho!


just being able to apply cv and triggers at the various inputs via teletype would be pretty great. something like:

301.TR B3
301.IN A1 V 2


This would be amazing. Midi out to other gear


For me it’s incoming that I really would like, but yeah sure - why not both ways!



As a Teletype and ER-301 owner, this would be amazing. :slight_smile:

Having designed and built a pair of i2c expanders for the Teletype (the TELEX family of input and output expanders), I can confirm that the integration with the Teletype is pretty easy. A lot of work has gone into its open source framework for the creation of new operators and the implementation of i2c commands.

David was right on point here about a good first step - nice and simple:

I’d be happy to help on the Teletype side if @odevices is looking for assistance.


I wonder if anything did already evolve out of this idea by now?

Also is the ER-301 capable to use i2c or has it to be revised to implement it on the hardware?

It is not open source, ist it?


The ER-301 is not open-source. I am going the plugin SDK route.

Teletype integration is undergoing investigation as we speak. No promises yet!


Great! And still sounds promising, even without promises. On a first glance it might seem more like a convenience since teletype has CV outs (plus optional expanders) and the ER-301 has a lot of CV ins.

But to connect them the other way round an opportunity to output trigger signals from the ER-301 would be very compelling - an internal i2c connectivity could be an alternative if it is easier to implement.

A feedback structure between ER-301 events / values and something like teletype scripts to process them and then control the ER-301 again could be unbelievable powerful!


As a Teletype, ER-301 and @bpcmusic TELEX owner, this would be amazing. :wink:


Another ER-301, Teletype, Just Friends (i2c enabled too) and HOPEFUL future Telex owner as I’m watching @bpcmusic like a hawk so I might snag two TXo’s and one TXi from his current run…chiming in to say “oh yeah” on the idea of bringing i2c to the 301.


Not an ER-301 owner. But I am a Teletype dev…

Given that the Teletype is open source, and developed (haphazardly) on GitHub, it would be best if whatever solution you arrive at for the i2c communication is via the plugin SDK and open for fiddling with. I think that’s what you’re hinting at, but I just wanted to explicitly state it.

Also, sorry for the off-topic… I have no qualms about you keeping the ER-301 code closed source, but have you given any thought to putting the code in escrow with someone trusted in case of bus related accidents?


Ah, I have not read @odevices post about SDK like that but I think a plugin unit that can output a signal to the i2c bus as if it was a physical (or global chain) output or vice versa an i2c input plugin would be a great idea.

And it would be amazing when in turn teletype could listen to something like a event signal from the ER-301 as end of slice or loop end trigger. But I don’t know if this is possible in the teletype framework - it can only send or requests via i2c, can it? No constant receive-readyness as with the physical trigger input?