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I2C communication with Monome Teletype


For now, yes. I would like to go live with just TT-to-ER-301 first and gather feedback before spending more time on it.


Does the Teletype support multi-master I2C? If yes then the answer is yes. If no then the answer is no.


None of the modules do this yet though, teletype always acts as master. Polling values would be possible already, but not triggering scrips.


Yes, there is. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to code up the Teletype ops and do a quick mod on my ER-301. It would be super-fun to get these guys communicating - and pretty easy from the Teletype side. Should be able to have it done pretty quickly.


This looks neat. You guys are going to end up putting a teletype sized hole in my wallet and a scar on my AM3352-SOM. :mage:


This is all very exciting!
My worlds are merging!


That is true. I’m not sure what the technical constraints are around this.

Polling values could be a very workable solution, even if it’s not quite a flexible as receiving pushed data in real time.


Ordered a teletype last week, so this is tremendous! Quite a few monomers over here. :slight_smile:


I have always loved monome’s design aethestic! I have been struggling for a long time to justify buying one!

This is great news though! If monome would one day support MPE through its pad similar to a linnstrument I would buy one immediately!



I am ready.


I don’t know much about MPE, but by nature, monome is very open and extendable. This means that if MPE is open, you could build a device to translate the monome device messages to MPE via software or a device.


this is huge. teletype is such a natural fit for the 301. it’s not uncommon for me to patch every teletype output into the 301. to be able to do this and leave all the analog ports open for other uses is a game changer.


super exciting news - big thanks to @odevices and tehn for making it happen and @bpcmusic for helping with the teletype side! (glad he beat me to it as i really need to finish grid integration)

i’m suppressing the desire to ask for more ops already - i think it’s good to start with simple and go from there - being able to change CV/trigger destinations dynamically alone is powerful enough. and it’ll be nice to get rid of some of the cable mess…

re: sending triggers to teletype - yeah, teletype only works as a master, and it wouldn’t be a straight forward change to support multi master environment. same reason we don’t support triggering scripts from ansible. polling from a metro script is the closest option.


I’m super excited for this. My ER-301 is already sitting next to my teletype and having a direct connection would be amazing.


My current setup is seriously ready to start talking i2C, the Teletype, Telex, and Just Friends already do:


Thank you, @bpcmusic! :star_struck: Just let me know when you have a modified Teletype firmware ready to go and I will move quickly with the ER-301 side. If you have any questions on the ER-301 mod or I2C cable adaptation, please let me know.


Will do - working on it now. Most likely I’ll have something tomorrow.



Coding is done. I’m going to test today (simulating the ER-301 with a TXo). Once everything passes, I’ll send you a HEX and some simple documentation.


Excellent! As for the ER-301 slave address, may I propose that I take 0xB0 through 0xB5 (just in case someone has multiple ER-301s)?

I’ll have a test firmware for you to play with by today or tomorrow.


Awesome. I’ve got a 301, TT, TXi, TXo and Ansible, but no skills with a soldering iron. I’ll have to track someone down in Sydney who can mod my 301…