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I2C communication with Monome Teletype


And that^^ is the tip of the iceberg. But you probably want to take a look at the teletype studies in order to wrap your brain around teletype scripting. And I’ll readily admit that it’s going to look daunting at first, but I’ll also assert that it’s not really all that hard once you get into it.



…and I imagine this would leave those sequencers accessible via the normal CV (now unpatched) means?

Also are those buttons you’ve created accessible in the same way CV addresses are normally accessed ie in the subchain of the trigger in the sequencer unit? That is when you open chain inputs on the ER-301 will all of the abovementioned 600 outputs of the Teletype be immediately available as inputs?


yea… i love that the SC.CV has slew too… how about a group of latching buttons that perform short fades ins and outs on VCA units for easily cutting different 301 voices in and out…


Thanks Jasonw22, I’d been looking through that and do indeed admit that it’s initially daunting, but starting to get my head around it, it’s the communication twixt the two modules which is more abstract for me at the moment.


It’s a bit abstract for most of us right now, as I think only a few people have done the mod yet! (three? five? But I’m sure that number is about to increase!)


:wink: Trying to internally justify a monome purchase and conscious that they may well go the way of Orthagonal devices waitlisting given the excitement hereabouts!


how i’d imagine it is this: each button is assigned an id (1-16) and triggers a one line teletype script which would just be


which would pulse the corresponding SC.TR unit on the 301, which in this case would be assigned to a trigger subchain inside a sample player

the IF part of the script makes sure this only gets pulsed when the button is pressed, not released


Since Teletype grid operators are coming up, I will mention that this beta functionality is documented separately from the main teletype documentation (for now).

That being said, the grid operator supporting teletype beta firmware includes a grid simulator, so it is possible to use grid ops without actually owning a grid. Even if you do own a grid, the simulator comes in handy during script development.


First thing i did with it :
a chain with several sample players contained in mixers, loaded with one-shot drum samples, each being triggered by one of the “virtual” trigger from Teletype.
Sequencing done by the TT.
Result : a drum kit within a single chain, without any cable, and with minimal amount of work on the ER-301 side (no need for making a wav file with several hits, or use of the Bump Scanner method or whatever).

Then, a voice synth driven by the TT, also with no cable.

You could make songs with just the two modules, actually.


Thanks @chapelierfou, that’s what I was after…and what I was imagining!

I can begin to understand better the excitement!


I can’t wait to try it ! @chapelierfou you did the mod by yourself ? It’s not to dangerous ?


where can we snag the appropriate i2c cables? Imma do this on Monday. :smile_cat:


In the rush, i took one from the Telex system, and kept the ground while inverted the two others on the ER-301 side.


Or a mouser or some part number for the connector??


If you’re used to soldering it’s easy. Needs some care but it’s a matter of 3 minutes.
Are you experienced in soldering ?
If you’re scared we could find an arrangement.



Someone correct me if i’m wrong !




I got mine from Amazon, btw. They come in ribbons that I can separate into groups of three. I heat-shrink the ends.

For the SC to TT cable, I just re-ordered one of the ends before wrapping and heating it.

A little silver sharpie paint pen lets me mark the ground side.



Hey guys that all looks very exciting indeed, just a couple of questions

  • is the SC you are referring to the ER-301?
  • can we use the monome trilogy ribbon as an appropriate connector between the 2?

Thanks! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to try this.



no. the wires don’t line up the same way. see brian’s post on wiring above.