I2c inits stored?

Away from the rack so I have to ask: Suppose I send a SC.TR.TIME 1 100 (setting pulse time to 100ms on port 1) from my teletype, will that command:

  1. work even if it received when the 301 is booting?
  2. carry over when loading new SC.TR units and setting port to 1?


  1. Probably not.
  2. Yes.

Thanks! I have trouble getting init working from teletype boot, will try increasing the default sleep from 1500ms in teletype firmware, and see if that fixes it!

Ok, I’m at a loss here. I cannot get inits like

SC.TR.TIME 1 100

working when put in #I on the teletype and booting both modules at the same time (works fine after boot for instance by running #I with F10). I’d appreciate if anyone with a TT+301 could try and confirm we have a problem or confirm I’m stupid…

Is it just a matter of the TT booting faster than the ER-301? I.e. 301 is not yet ready to receive the command when TT sends it?

Im not sure when the 301 is ready for those commands, I increased the delay from 1500ms to 3000ms in the tt firmware, no change.

I need to stop fumbling around here, a great first step would be to make sure I’m not the only user with the problem. So it be really, really great if you could check if putting the init I posted above in #I works on your end.

I tried your init script above and it did not set the gate time of SC.TR 1 when cold booting both units.

Then I took a stop watch and timed how long it took the ER-301 to boot including auto-loading the Quicksave I had saved to test with at 12s.

DEL 12000: $ 1

SC.TR.TIME 1 100

That worked and set the gate length for the patch as expected.


Thanks Joe, that’s very helpful indeed! @odevices is that intended behavior? Would it be possible to have the 301 listen for i2c inits it’s while loading?

Generally during start-up I have as many tasks disabled as possible in order to not slow down the loading process or create race conditions. Then when the proverbial ducks are all lined up, I say go!

However I have noted the issue for revisiting when priorities allow it.

Thanks alot! Appreciate it! Looking forward!