I2c Newb Question

Forgive my total obviousness but I’m very new to this - I’m hoping someone could explain the process of setting up an I2c connection from a 16n to a ER-301 via an Intellijel XY or Monome Crow. From what I can tell my ER-301 does have the jumper connection.

If your ER301 has an i2c connection then you could just attach the wires from one unit to the other with jumper cables making sure to pay attention to the orientation aka ground to ground, etc.

Cables like this would do it.

The Crow has two sets of pins, 3 a piece, so you could bring one set of wires in to the Crow, then from the other set of pins go to the ER301.

I’ll try to help. I use a Tesseract Sweet 16 connected to the ER301 over I2C. You should be able to go from the 16n to the monome crow using an 1/8" cable, then wire from the back of crow to the ER301. You’ll need to do that connection via the digi communication bus on the Crow (the XY lacks this and you’ll need a cable from 1/8" to essentially pin headers). So you’ll need some breadboard “jumper” wires for that.

Thanks for the help everybody!