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I2C setup with 16n Faderbank

my guess is it’ll take you exactly 16 sweet minutes :slight_smile:
did you see the latest @M4ngu’s offspring? what a humble hack is that now?
incroyable! parbleu! another 8 inputs of the er-301 just freed up?
where does this end? and when can we expect to get our hands and patch cables on the modest 32cv-in plus X gate-in version? (“mature32+X”)


Thanks, this worked perfectly for me!


No, that has gone under the radar. Thanks @mopoco you just gave me some weekend research.

Also take a look at this information, which I found The link to on the sweet16 Webpage. Not sure yet what it means for mk2 owners.
Apparently they won’t need to compile certain things anymore?
(Also not sure yet what it means to mk1 and original 16n users, like me)

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i just love how 16n can be used to control many things at once, like ER-301 and norns in this little drone piece:

How do you control the 301 from teletype using 16n in Follower mode? i found that M! 5 works best and then in M script something like L 1 8: SC.CV I FB I to dedicate first 8 faders to the ER-301. 5ms for metronome is what i found to be the good balance between teletype load and SC.CV smoothness.

Hello All, first post here, thanks for the knowledge.
I am the proud owner of a Rev7 Er-301, and I also recently purchased a 16n Faderbank. I am getting ready to do the mod but first I have to buy all the materials.

Just to make sure, I am buying the following materials:

Dupont cables 7.8 inches long assorted types: https://www.amazon.com/EDGELEC-Breadboard-Optional-Assorted-Multicolored/dp/B07GD25V8D/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=dupont%2Bcable&qid=1595975900&sr=8-3&th=1

I am also buying these one of these two TRS Jacks: https://www.amazon.com/Uxcell-a12062600ux0366-Female-Stereo-Connector/dp/B008SNZUYC/ref=pd_sbs_328_6/131-0639284-5227347?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B008SNZUYC&pd_rd_r=f7fc0d39-56c8-47cf-b439-112db06538ea&pd_rd_w=7eAlx&pd_rd_wg=azn7R&pf_rd_p=bc074051-81d1-4874-a3fd-fd0c867ce3b4&pf_rd_r=WYMM9KV65AW52TYKRA5W&psc=1&refRID=WYMM9KV65AW52TYKRA5W


Does that all look good? Is that that pretty much all I need to build the cable? I already have a soldering iron and I can solder, so that part should be ok. Can the cable be purchased already built?


You are on the right track. I presume you will mount the TRS jack to your case, so I recommend the panel mount jack with a nut instead of the surface mount part.

The simplest embodiment would be to use M-to-F Dupont cables to connect the ER-301 directly to the TRS jack screw terminals, then use a TRS cable to the 16n.

There are a couple considerations:

  • Does your 16n have pull-ups installed?
  • Is your 16n in leader mode firmware?
  • Do you want other modules on your I2C bus?

Thanks for the reply. For questions 1 and 2 the answer is I don’t know? How do I check if it has pull-ups?
I am going to try to update the Firmware on the 16n today to version 2.01, which I believe is the latest version.
For question 3: Right now I do not want more modules on my I2C bus.

Not too shabby, have not tested yet but I like how easy it was to make the cable:

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For the hardware, you would need to know whether your device has a switch for pull-ups (or lacking a switch, the resistors installed). For the firmware, there is probably a setting accessible in the web configurator. I have not used it :slight_smile: There used to be separate leader and follower firmware images prior to 2.0.

Your cable looks great! Make sure to connect it with correct polarity to the ER-301 headers.

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Thanks. The person who sold me the 16n gave me the cable in the picture but I have no idea where to connect the non TRS end of the cable.

Whoa ok that’s an unusual cable. You won’t need it since it looks like it’s meant to go straight from TRS to 0.1" i2c header, much like your constructed jack adapter. You can use a normal stereo TRS cable to connect the 16n to your jack.

Ah interesting, that makes sense now that you mention it. Very unusual cable indeed.

Alright, so I have modded my Er-301 following the instructions and plugged in everything. When I move a fader I do see some sort of signal on my ER-301 but I am not positive that is what I want, i hear some audio as well… here is a pic.

I guess that is an audio signal? The port does not move. The rightmost unit does and I hear a faint sound on my headphones.

Have you read this to understand how those units work?


Yes, I briefly looked it over. I don’t seems to be getting any signal from my Faderbank. I did just upgrade the OS to the Latest version and was able to set it as Leader in the new Web Editor in version 2.01 … Hmm I will keep troubleshooting. The CV outs do work as expected on the Faderbank. It’s probably my cable. I ended up doing this

since I was not able to find a male to male 1/8" TRS cable in my house and the guy who sold me the Faderbank told me that’s how he was using it.

You just said you were getting a signal in your previous post though? From your description it looks like its working to me. :thinking:

Not positive about the signal. Going to bed, I will check again tomorrow. I am recording the whole process and will make a video once I am done in order to ease the process for other in the future. Thanks for the help so far. I am also super new to the ER-301, only had it for about 3 weeks.

Your pic shows an output channel where you have inserted an sc.cv unit. This won’t do much…

  • clearly you getting a signal in from the 16n, which is good!
  • the port fader won’t move with fader movement.
  • you’d set the port fader manually to the desired fader you intend To give a certain function
  • the sc.cv units output cv signals which are static until you move the fader
  • take an audible osc for the output chain, and add the sc.cv unit to a sub chain, e.g. frequency control or volume.
  • don’t forget to increase the gain setting of the subchain where you inserted the sc.cv unit in! Otherwise the fader won’t affect the sub chain

The faint sound you head was just a high pass filtered version of your SC.CV output because the ER-301 does not output CV. The bar graph signal indicators are will react briefly to changing CV since they are also HP filtered. The scope view in the second screen will display DC signals though!

Try this patch:

Sine oscillator unit > Unipolar VCA unit > Output 1
                              ^(Gain x 1, bias 0)
                         SC.CV (port 1)

Now you should be able to control the output level of your sine oscillator with fader 1 on the faderbank.

After you verify that this works, I would recommend that you disconnect the faderbank for now and practice making a simple subtractive synth patch controlled by the CV inputs. You are just beginning your ER-301 journey and the faderbank will be a useful tool once you understand the signal chain!