I2c specifications

I’m wondering about the i2c specification for ER-301 and what its limitations are.

I would like to know if its possible to daisy chain different i2c devices on different addresses, does the ER-301 support this, or only 1 fixed address?

And, is it possible for bidirectional information on the i2c bus? E.g. if a unit on the ER-301 is able to send information via i2c to the external device. If this is not supported, is it possible to have this added in firmware?


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i2c protocol does allow for bidirectional flow of data and daisy chaining devices (i think its like 128 devices on 7 bit addresses and 1024 devices on 10 bit). i have seen brian mention in other threads about the 301 that hes not fond of the idea letting the 301 become a CV computer. although theres really nothing stopping anyone from writing the code for a custom unit to make that happen, i dont think we’ll get any official support on this.