Idea for a 4 bit gate to v/Oct unit

So I have a pressure points and I was thinking that it would be great if I could play it like a keyboard. I figured that you could use the four gates as 4 binary bits and get 16 values. With those values you could play 2 octaves of a scale. I think this could be very useful for generative patches because you could turn a few gates into pitch.

I imagine this wouldn’t be too difficult to make as a bespoke unit, if you knew lua. Sadly I don’t, I have some experience with java though. Basically I’m wondering if it would be possible/ not too difficult to make as a custom unit, and if so, I would love to hear your ideas. Also some direction on learning to make bespoke units would be really helpful as well.


Seems like you could just throw the 4 gates into 4 mixer channels going into a quantizer. Then just tweak the mixer levels until it works the way you want.

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That makes perfect sense, thanks a bunch.

That is exactly right. I would use the Offset units instead of the Mix units though because setting the levels in decibels could be frustrating.

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So I ended up using mixers with their gain set to zero . Inside each is a gate input and a vca with bias set precisely. The first gate has a bias of .125, the next .25, the next .5, and the last 1. This is expecting a 10v signal because that is what pressure points outputs on its gates (I think, it was at the second division of the scope in the er-301) The only problem I am having is one I have fairly often with quantizers. My input has evenly spaced intervals and quantizers don’t so I end up with some notes repeated while different values are given. Do I need to make my own quantizer with a sample for the sample scanner that takes evenly spaced intervals?