Idea: Sub-presets

So here’s an idea:
Sub presets, unlike other presets, they only contain values, and no device chains or such, but they hold every setting except for admin settings.

What would be the point?
For live performance, being able to do silence-less recall would be ideal, so maintaining the same chain-setup and routing, but changing all the values, would be very helpful.



Upcoming ‘hold’ function ?

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That was my thought too :slight_smile:

i’m not sure if the hold function has been already discussed, but is some kind of time interpolation envisionned at “commit value”-time ?

edit: nevermind, i just found this thread: The Hold Feature

Not quite what I was looking for, rather, I’d like the ability to build a setup of chains etc, and then define 5-10 parameter sets that I can recall, modifying those parameters straight away.

I’m waiting to see how it functions as it may well include and easy way to apply your use case scenario :slight_smile: