Identical Linear VCAs that sound different (i2C bug?)

I have a percussive FM Voice that I quite. It ‘seems’ that a Linear Unipolar VCA is adding an interesting ring tone but when I try to reproduce this using a copy of the same VCA/ADSR the sound changes.
Here’s the strange thing: The ADSR is triggered by an i2C message coming from Teletype. This might seem inconsequential but when I delete the SC.TR and reinsert it using the same channel the sound changes dramatically. It is possible that when I created this chain that I introduced some kind of bug that remains in place when saving and reopening it.

I’m attaching the chain in question and leaving the i2C trigger in place as I can reproduce this behaviour both when launching a quicksave or just the chain so suspect this behaviour will transfer.

P.S. Is there any way of emptying the cache of names as every time I want to save a new Unit I have quite a long waiting time now as it retrieves all my recently used names?

2-fm-snare.unit (37.8 KB)