If you are wondering about Kel's suspension

I regret to inform everyone that things have turned absolutely awful between Kel and I. Sick to my stomach awful. And it all happened within the span of just a few hours. My head is still spinning.

Among other nastiness, Kel has threatened me with legal action.

There is a lot more to say obviously but since Kel is not here to defend himself and also out of fear of encouraging more vindictive actions, I will not go into more detail in public.

As demanded by Kel, I will be anonymizing his posts and purging his personal information from the forum database. I know this will confuse and sadden a lot of people, hence the need for this post.


So sorry you have to go through this Brian. You’ve set up a wonderful community and you are a fantastic communicator. Your fairness and abstinence (in tell the story) to this person is a great example of that. I know I’m not the only one who admires and supports all your efforts. Be well!!

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Thank you @Quasi :bowing_man:

However, I just realized that I should lock this thread so that we don’t end up talking about someone who is not here and who does not want to be talked about. Sorry for perpetuating more awkwardness.