Improved default ADSR settings

This is another request of the nature “I think default settings should make the noises I expect” with the usual caveat that maybe the keyword is “I expect” :slight_smile:

Currently the default ADSR parameters are 0A, 0D, 0S, 0R. A more common default setting for ADSRs is 0A, 0D, 1S, 0R, so that it behaves like a simple gate. That way, if you have a gate assigned to trigger something, and then you add an ADSR in the chain, it will continue to sound the exact same until you change the ADSR settings, rather than the current behavior of silencing the output until I change the sustain to a positive value.


That would be useful

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This should be addressed when Brian rolls out the unit templates… you could then cater the ADSR to your liking and have that as the unit’s starting state.

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Does anybody have tricks for an attack and decay longer than 1 second (besides using a envelope generator instead of the asdr unit)?

Take a look at Video #12 that I’ve just posted :slight_smile:

I have tried this in the past, but I never thought of slowing down the sample for some reason - cool trick! I’ve only begun to explore CV manipulation.

@odevices - are there plans for longer envelopes?

Patch 12 now has the ADSR parameters extended out to 10s. 0 to 1s range has a fine/coarse grid of 1ms/10ms and the 1 to 10s range has a fine/coarse grid of 10ms/100ms.