In anticipation of my ER-301 arriving, I wonder if

…if it can do phase modulation of other tracks similar to how Dave Rossum demonstrated with the Rossum Assimil8or in various Superbooth 2017 videos?

Not sure about the phase modulation, kinda hard to tell from Dave’s demo with the trumpet and piano, the distortion sounds can already be achieved in the 301 with the Quantizer unit, and the loop modulation I think will be coming soon but even now with the slice modulation its probably possible to realize similar sounds too.

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If I’m understanding the technique correctly then you can do this by dropping a SAMPLE PLAYER unit in to the speed modulation chain of another SAMPLE PLAYER unit and then triggering both players with the same trigger. Technically, that would be TZFM (through-zero fm) and not phase modulation but I believe the resulting effect is very similar.

You can keep chaining as far as you want (until CPU runs out at least), although after a certain point I bet you just get noise unless you are really meticulous about what samples you are using to modulate other samples.


Also, I should say that it looks like Mr. Rossum has created an awesome sampler module. Sampling is a huge area and we (as in the eurorack market) need all the help we can get.

Thanks guys, so excited about getting my ER-301.

re Mr. Rossum, smiley nice genius chap that he is, I remember being blown away with my first few Emu units back in the day, the filters, features etc.

Seriously? My wavetable synth ambitions just stepped up a notch!! :astonished:

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Excellent, thanks for the tip Brian - will give this a try!
Also it would be AWESOME if Dave could create a Morpheus filter unit for the 301! Obviously slim chance of this ever happening but one can dream of the possibilities:smile_cat:

yes, the 301 is amazing, as a huge E-mu fan, (bought my Emax II for $3K+ in 1990) will get the Assimilator as well, when I have space and monies.
They are two very different takes on sampling. From my two favorite euro makers.