Increase quicksave slots to 24

hey Brian

Been playing live a lot these past few weeks using the ER301. The Quicksave slots (I like to think of them as performance slots) are really useful for complete state changes during live performance.

Is there a chance we could double it or even better quadruple it so there is 24 quicksave slots? I find them pretty necessary and 6 to be a little limiting



Saving/loading the full device state to/from a file of your choosing is also coming.


Still to venture into Quicksaves but from the sounds of it might be highly useful for live settings, having more than 6 is a great help. Good work!

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Full device state saving is great, that would include samples?

they’re hugely helpful for live performance

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how do you do quick saves today with the 6 avail slots?

hold down shift and press one of the “M” keys at the top. M1 = quicksave slot 1. you will be prompted to load or save.

love the quicksave slots - happy to know we will be able to save them out!

Duh … I feel like an idiot for not seeing that sooner. :expressionless:


Same here, oh hallo QUICKSAVE! Love it, good that you guys talked about it! And yes, more Slots are very cool!

The quicksave/quickload feature has been a lifesaver when playing out live :slight_smile:

Having more than 6 slots will be fantastic.


When I enter Quicksave and change my mind about saving, I cannot find a way to escape this mode. I’m forced to now make the Quicksave as Home, Up, Enter or a combination with Shift doesn’t work.

Cancel is your ticket out of there.

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This is pretty funny…Cancel being right below the encoder and a function I’ve never had to use before sat there lonely and forlorn never having been used - until today. Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious.