Injecting Audio Between Channels with Send & Receiver Units

Non-owner here. (Anyone selling? c: )

A strong sound design aesthetic of mine is using audio-rate crossmodding between different channels/instruments/tracks to create layering or for mixing purposes.

A simple example: A sub layer and another layer of random harmonic noise that I wanted to add on top. Playing them both apart would make them sound separate, so what I do to “fuse” between them is ringmod or AM the noise as the carrier with the sub layer as the modulator (then play them both together as an instrument).

More complex routing & processing and an infinity other use cases can be achieved using Send & Reciever units that can be treated as INx (so maybe Sx?).

Is there a similar workflow in the ER-301? If not, this can be taken as a feature recommendation.

Let’s start by defining a channel on the ER-301. There are 4 channels. They are hard-coded to the 4 outputs OUTx. They can be mono or paired for stereo.

There are a lot of inputs. 4 INx suitable for audio. 4 Gx suitable for gates. 16 ABCDx suitable for any CV and many audio signals so long as they don’t have partials that will create aliasing.

There is the concept of a chain. The 4 channels each have a chain. You can also create subchains within each channel. For example if you insert a mixer unit, you have created a new subchain. You can assign almost any signal you want at the start of a chain or subchains. For example, you could assign any of the inputs. You can also assign any of the channel outputs to be an input to a chain.

Within a channel, you can also use locals to tap into any point within that channel chain and use it’s signal as the source of a chain. You cannot use locals across different channels. However, there is also the concept of a global chain. Those can be used in any channel, and can be internally generated signals or use the physical inputs.

It probably all sounds confusing without having one to experiment with. In short it’s really quite flexible and powerful routing. I would think you’d be able to do what you want to do.

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I already knew the basics but I didn’t know the difference between local & global chains so thanks for clarifying that.

I’d have loved to be a part of this community for years but it looks like unfortunately there’s no way for me to get a 301 for at least a few months.

maybe ill set up a linux vm with the emulator in it just to know my way around.