Input gain attenuation

Newbish q: I have some signal going in to an input (IN 1). I would like to attenuate this input, so I insert a mixer channel and manipulate the gain. No dice on the output. Can someone explain this to me? Do I need to use a VCA?

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Basically, yes. You would use a Linear VCA for signal attenuation. The Mixer Channel unit is for adding (i.e mixing) another signal into the signal chain at the point that you insert it. Like this:

So you if you want to put something in the path of the signal that attenuates then you should use either a Linear VCA unit or the Limiter unit.

An alternative arrangement is to assign the IN1 input to the Mixer Channel’s sub-chain source. In this case (only) will the Mixer Channel gain affect the level of IN1 being mixed with the parent chain’s signal.


i wonder if this is question of routing setup? JML, do you have your ch. input set to IN1, added mixer unit and nothing is happening? That would be because your IN1 assignment needs to be WITHIN the channel mixer’s subchain, not to the left of the channel mixer unit.

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Hi Neil,

Sorry to take so long to reply.
I realized after posting that there was a bit in one of your first videos about this, but I couldn’t remember where to find it. Sure enough, this does exactly what I need - thanks for the observation and help.