Input gain?


(If you consider this to be too small of a detail for a separate topic, maybe we could create a ‘miscellaneous questions’ type of topic?)

I’m curious about the input gain on the ER-301. Is it intended for modular levels only, or can it accommodate line level or even instrument level sources? Is there adjustable gain on the inputs, or just a fixed level?


if you look at the inputs after the 4th order butterworth filter block there is a programmable analog gain stage
0v - 5.12v
0v - 10.24v
-2.56v - 2.56v (I’m assuming this would be the line level setting am I totally wrong here?)
-5.12v - 5.12v
-10.24v - 10.24v (this being the default setting)

I’m assuming this gets changed somewhere in the setting
not sure as I don’t have a module in hand yet

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I believe setting gain is not implemented yet. I use a Ladik pre-amp module to bring signals up to modular level.

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Okay, thank you!

Thank you for posting that.

Yes, the hardware for analog front end gain is there but not exposed yet in the UI. Coming soonish.


so if you change the gain would voltages outside of the specified range simply be clipped?
I now realize it isn’t done I was mostly wondering if you have an idea of what you are wanting to do

I’m not really planning on doing anything else with this except expose the gain setting for each input in the UI. Probably it will appear in the sub display of the external source selection screen, so that you can set AFE (analog front-end) gain at the same time that you are routing an external input.


So basically selecting between modular or line level input for each channel(s)? That would be handy!


Waiting on my 301 to get built. Just wondering if having access to the input gain was implemented with the latest update? would like to sample op1/opz directly if i can. Thanks!

Yes. There is now (since v0.3) a UI to set the analog pre-amp gain on IN1-IN4 individually to +0dB, +6dB, or +12dB.

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Can i save my Input settings somehow, so that IN4 is Line-level at start up?

I might me stupid but on the other hand 301 is so huge i might oversee it :slight_smile:

The Preamp settings are saved when you quicksave.

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