Input Impedance

Des anyone know what the inputs impedance on the ER-301 is please?

All inputs have impedances that exceed 100k ohms at DC. Whachya buildin?


Alas, it won’t work, at least not how I want it to, I was looking for more like 1 megohm :wink:

not that I expected that or anything, was just a question!

Hmm…let me guess “plug sense” perhaps?

Not quite, but along similar lines I guess…

If I said I was looking for higher impedance would that give it away? :smiley:

I’m working on something I will reveal in good time (ahem, if I actually manage it hehe)

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Just remember that long non-differential signal paths/traces (i.e. a patch cable) into super high impedances is a great recipe for noise coupling.


Slightly disappointing is that I never did build the input device I wanted, but on the other hand, after much consideration the really nice outcome is that I ended up with a Xaoc Sewastopol II - this thing is just great!

If you want input with high sensitivity this gets the job done and sounds very good indeed! I can finally plug my Bass guitar straight into the modular and not grumble a little.

Also really good for Piezoelectric transducers apparently, although I have yet to try this.

I really hope Xaoc do the alternative amp boards :slight_smile: