Input un-assign?

Feel free to delete this is it’s covered somewhere else.
I was just wondering if there is a quick way to un-assign one input from a patch?

I have quite a substantial patch I’ve been working on for a few weeks, I have nothing plugged into d3 input but somewhere over this period I’ve used it for something that is now redundant. Is there an overall way of un-assigning this input from all its associated units without going through the entire patch?

It might in future be useful (if it doesn’t exist already) to have a menu listing the inputs and what they are used assigned to.

This would be great as a kind of patch notes for coming back to old chains and quicksaves.

I don’t think there’s currently like a global “find everywhere A2 is assigned and remove it” kind of function.

This is one advantage to building patches as custom units and/or global chains. You can put the inputs in as global chains or custom controls, and name those according to their actual function in the patch (e.g. “clock” or “gate” or “V/Oct”), and then make your physical input assignments to those nicely grouped controls. Particularly handy for sharing patches.

That makes sense. I guess I need to be neater with my patches.
I’ve found the offending unit which was part of a custom unit but it was a parameter that I didn’t need to be a custom unit control so was a little hidden.

I think the input list idea could still be quite useful in a number of situations though, while I’m thinking about it an input mute could be a useful feature too although I guess I could do that with a vca.


I mentioned this here —so perhaps we’ll see this addressed somewhere along the 0.4x journey.