Insert an Unit only on WET signal?

Still a newbie on ER-301,

I’d like to apply a reverb only on wet signal of a delay for example.

Did some researches but haven’t find a way to do it?




this this:


Thanks a lot! But, where is the dry signal now?
Will try on tomorrow. I have to spend more time with the Mixer Channel.

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the dry signal is at the beginning of the chain. i’m calling it “IN 1”

the mixer channel volume will control how much wet you’re mixing in.

if you want to control dry and wet levels independently, then add another mixer channel with just the dry signal in it and remove “IN 1” from the head of the chain.

sorry if that’s confusing :grimacing:


Ahah ok! It’s confused for me because I don’t know how it works 100%. Now it’s getting clear thanks to you. Will try tomorrow! Merci!

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If it helps:

the in signal at the top passes through the mixer and can be heard at the out

with the mixer at 0 no wet signal will be mixed into the dry signal passing through the mixer

as you increase the value on the mixer more of the wet signal is added in and can be heard at the out

p.s. the down arrow to the in before the delay is slightly confusing to me, what this means is that you assign the in signal to the beginning of the subchain (the one with the delay in it) as well as assigning the in to the top level chain (the one that contains the mixer).


That Mixer Channel is still confused for me. I don’t get it. It’s not your explanation.
When I create a delay and a reverb, then place them to a Mixer Channel, the signal doesn’t come through it. I don’t get it.

->going back to the manual and stuff!

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Have you assigned a sound source to the mixer’s input?

Also, make sure you have understood this picture 100% or else you will keep having problems :wink:


Feel free to ask questions about the signal flow until you understand it completely!


Oh and I have this diagram that describes the Mixer unit which I still have not put on the wiki:

(Edit: wiki entry now exists:


Ah! nice! All I needed! Couldn’t find it on Wiki! Thanks guys! It’s more clear now!

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FYI, unfortunately, this will only work at the beginning of a chain. The problem is that the assignable chain sources do not (in general) include the signals flowing between units. A global chain can be used in some cases to overcome this limitation. There are a number of ideas on the table on how to address this more comprehensively which I am still working through.