Insert button gets stuck on after/before display

so i have a problem with the er101 insert button it seems. most of the time it functions normally, eg short press and a step gets inserted, long press and i can cycle between before, after etc. however sometimes with a short press it gets stuck on this before/after display and i only get out by pressing insert again.
i don’t know if this is a mechanical or an electrical problem, eg if i maybe should somehow clean the contacts or something @odevices ?

I’ve had similar

Me too. I’ve been meaning to take a look at it but keep getting pulled away. I’ll see if I can improve the situation in the next firmware.

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ah good to know! so maybe it was introduced with the last er101 firmware since i don’t remember seeing this problem before the update? anyway, i’m glad to hear that it’s not a mechanical problem.
thanks brian


My thoughts, could it be related to the anti bounce?

It happens for me as well.

in my case this now happens more often then before, it would be really helpful if this gets fixed.
i’m quite fast and most hand and finger movements come semi automatic after years of usage with this sequencer, but now with this bug i can’t use the module like before and it slows down my workflow to the point where i get angry at the device and that of course is ridiculous haha! happy new year!!
edit: ok so i am a bit surprised that not that many people seem to have this bug but in my case at least it makes the module more and more unusable … :cry:

I’ve got the same problem and would also really appreciate a solution.

i tag you @odevices just to be sure you see the above messages, hope that isn’t too impertinent.

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I tag you back @kilchhofer!
I’ll have a look at it this week.


is it a major bug @odevices?

More like a domino effect which I’m working through. Almost there.


thanks brian!

This has been addressed for ER-101/102 users in the v2.22 firmware for ER-102:

  • FIXED: Sometimes the display does not leave the INSERT screen after releasing the INSERT button.

thank you sooo much for all these 101/102 fixes and enhancements brian! :bowing_man:

@odevices sadly i have this problem again, not so often than before the update but it is still a problem.
it’s strange that for some time the problem disappeared completely but now it’s back.
could there be a physical hardware related issue, or even temperature that influences this?

Mine does it sometimes too. I press insert once and it seems to register two presses, with the second registering the “after/before”.

Now that I see this: I am experiencing this too - always thought I still am doing something wrong or don’t understand the UI fully but am to lazy to dig into the manual to find it.

I’ve also had this strange behaviour occur with the insert button and only with ‘step’ although not consistently. Sometimes when I press insert nothing happens so I press again and it inserts two steps.

Hmm. I’m not sure what it could be. I need more data.

Could you all do the following:

  1. Report the exact firmware version for both your ER-101 and ER-102.
  2. Slow Test: Start with an empty track, focus the STEP display, press the INSERT button 64 times at an approximate tempo of 120BPM (or 2 presses per second), report the number of steps.
  3. Fast Test: Clear the track. Repeat step 2 at an approximate tempo of 240BPM (4 presses per second).
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