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Instagram and Modular Motel


I started a little project last week and it’s called Modular Motel. What it will turn out to be will depend a lot on my inspiration of the moment and how much time I can dedicate to it, but for now I’m just rounding up my favorite Instagram patchers and repost them on my page https://www.instagram.com/modularmotel/ It’s inspiring and I love having them available for myself and hopefully for a wider audience than strictly modular folks when it gets some traction.

Of course I’m always on the lookout for Orthogonal Devices users, and I found some of you already but if you’re sharing little jams and such on Instagram let me know!


I’ve really enjoyed what you’ve been posting so far. I was just getting ready to capture my Tides/Tides voice running through the ER-301 running a series of filters modulated by various colors of noise (inspired by Austin Cairns interview on Podular Modcast) and out through a reverb unit I’ve been working on. Noodles such as these can heard from @industrystndard on the instantgraham.

Thanks @Bparticle for broadcasting such quality segments and showcasing such thoughtful patching.


Thanks @technicoloraudio for the comment, I will check out your page for sure!

Other Instagrammers around?


followed! I don’t publish my patches outside of my stories, but you can check out @naturarerum on ig :slight_smile:


Let me see what I can do!


I see a bunch of travel photos up for @naturarerum on Instagram, but nothing with your patches?


They are hidden in his stories :slight_smile:


Thanks for the repost @Bparticle :wink: Very excited to see more of the stuff you post!


It’s my pleasure @tangolima. I will definitely share some more of your posts with your permission because I find it very inspiring.

When there is a bigger following I would love to offer exclusives from the most appreciated artists. Let’s see how it goes.


i dont use the er301 in every patch but im at https://www.instagram.com/blogic12/


I’m not exclusively looking for ER-301 patches, but I wouldn’t want to miss any either :slight_smile:


Hah, funny I just shared one of your older uploads without realizing. That’s an impressive collection you got, great stuff.