Intellijel Audio Jacks w 301

Is there anyway to make smart use of audio jacks on the Intellijel cases, mixing and recording primarily in the 301, but using some external effects? Seems like a really nice pair of 1/4” ins and outs to go to waste just sitting there and I’m not intuitively sold on adding Mixup stereo mixing prior to the 301. Is this mode of connecting stereo audio something that might be relevant to the 301?

Does it have both 1/4” in and outs? They electronically convert from standard line level to modular signal levels - as the intelijel cases usually have 1/8” access for those jacks.

These are great for recording in synths or easily connecting the modular with your mixer or audio interface.

Have this; can recommend.

I’m guessing these pins only connect to a handful of Intellijel modules as it stands? Thanks!

At least someone on this forum has repurposed the midi jacks, with help from @kisielk - maybe the pinout is such that it can be used with off-brand solutions, too.

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I think you can connect directly to these pins without Intellijel module. Here’s the schematic of the V1 output board (there’s now a V2).
Edit: Oh you already have the V2 sorry, I don’t have the schematic for this one, perhaps on the intellijel forum.

But do you mean you want to connect the 301 to these jacks inside the case ? On the back of the 301 ? As far as I know there’s no clean way to do that.

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The schematic for the rev002 board is here:


I would like that - yes! for effects send or aux and master out.

Ah ok :slight_smile: Well I thought about that too at some point and checked if there was an hidden header on the back of the module hehe, but well I don’t think it’s possible unless you want to solder some DuPont cables on the back of the 301 and connect them to the Intellijel header, that would be nasty and imho the benefit is null, I would not do that ^^ Better use a 1u or 3u Intellijel module for this purpose.

(Personally I have an ES8 in the 7U case so the 301 IO are connected to it, I’m temporarily using an IPad as a Matrix mixer and effect but every setups are different, modular ! :wink: )

An idea: You could also buy a 1u blank panel and make some holes in it, put some panel mount jacks on it and connect them to the Intellijel outputs internally + finally connect the regular (front) IO of the 301 to this 1u tile : a 1u panel used as 1/8 to 1/4 converter… (If you want to improve that, I think someone has created a 1u tile using Cinemag transformers based on the RIP DIY, but that’s another subject. Here ) Sometimes I wish the 301 had an Adat/lightpipe IO but it’s fine as it is now :slight_smile:

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