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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Oh thanks @2disbetter :smiley:

That’s a really nice setup you have there, best wishes filling those gaps.

Yes, I almost exclusively use the Octatrack for MIDI duties, it’s been the stop|start|reset of my system for as long as I have had it. If there is one piece of gear I know inside out it’s the Octatrack. I’ve been through all the ‘tricks’ with it, it’s been the workhorse of my system for ages.

…but several things happened that started to shift things around; The ER-301 came along and while I know it’s not the done thing to compare, the truth for me is that the ER-301 did replace the audio side of the Octatrack.

I was also using the audio ins on the Octatrack to mix the signals coming from my modular, again, it is really good at this, but I was always frustrated that it didn’t have 8 ins. I needed more. SO I tried using a couple of sound cards to mix in, this was a huge leap because all of a sudden I had 16 ins - total luxury. but even this wasn’t enough, I was regularly using them all, mainly due to all the stereo modules that seem to have worked their way into my rack. So, more recently, a rather large mixer turned up, 32 channels of pure awesomeness - I finally feel like I can breathe and not have to be concerned with counting channels. The summing is out of this world, the clarity is jaw dropping. My friend thought I was ‘ballooning’ but when he came over, he too was ‘ok - you’re right - it is amazing’. So mixer duties we’re a thing of the past in the OT.

For melody sequencing duties, the Stillson Hammermk][ blew me away, but it is a quirky little beast, I love it to bits, but there were times when I needed something much more predictable - enter the ER-101/2. Sequencing sorted.

Chords, played around with a variety of things, including a whole bunch of techniques in the ER-301, the 4MS SMR, and chord modules like the Telharmonic, but I just wasn’t feeling the joy that much. Argos Bleak totally smashes that particular problem to pieces and adds a whole slew of weirdness to boot - it’s delicious!!

So, I was left with drum sequencing, the OT still reigned here and in many ways it still does. The micro timing options are killer for example, the new updates are going to take it to yet another level. but it was just nagging me, you don’t need midi, everything could be in modular. but I struggled to find something that satisfied my desire for playability and that elusive random but still coherent aspects that I always struggled to program. I tried all manner of things, and while they were all excellent in their own right, none of them quite hit the mark. Grids for example was loads of fun, but I always kept getting frustrated with it because it would be close to what I wanted, but not quite there.

My journey to find the drum sequencer I really wanted seemed to be at that point where you have been walking for days through the mountains, sleeping rough, perhaps not eating so well and you’re desperately in need of a shower, a good meal and a comfortable bed to sleep in… then came Four Bricks Rook… it’s a new affair, literally a couple of days, but it’s most definitely a very high contender to fill that role. For the first time last night I felt like I didn’t need to reach for the OT. I will of course see how things go, but this is looking really promising.

Ooops bit of a long post, but I hope it helps explain where I am at and why I am pursuing this goal. I know that MIDI is still a totally viable solution, there are still things the OT can do that I would struggle to implement in the modular, but the modular does things the OT never could and I think I am happier with that :slight_smile:


Sorry if you said it before, but what are you using for midi->cv, @kel ?


Endorphin.es Shuttle Control and Shuttle Mate - it’s an excellent choice!

My main tiny gripe with it is that you need to program it ahead of time, but other than that it’s great - the way it smooths out the midi steps is really nice and as far as I am aware the only module that does this.


Clearly you have this all sorted! Thanks for the reply and details. I love seeing how other people work to reach their goals. Always a lot of potential stuff to learn!



Hehe! You know, I think for the first time ever I really do, I am struggling to see how to improve upon it at the moment, at this point it’s probably time for a bit of a cull to release the less used modules and other gear to try and pay off the credit card bill I suddenly seem to have - oops! Oh well, only live once that we can be sure of hey :wink:

I guess the proof of the pudding is in the music made though… so lets see :smiley:


+1 for Just Friends here, love it! Also saving up for an Arc 4 and Ansible


kel, yes true this about the shakmat 4br. i love how it approaches rhythmic timings and durations as raw quanta to be live sampled into endless recombinant phrases. here’s a moment using the 4 outs triggering some basic drum samples on the 301 with a Deviant and/or a Sapel clocked random moving through table, lengths, and shift parameters. Some of the outs reading from tables and some from live buffer.


The Intellijel Tetrapad manual was posted:

It looks to be The One. There’s a “Switches Mode,” where you can use the 4 sliders as 8 momentary or toggled switches. Each slider can be changed between 2 momentary or 2 toggled switches, so you could (for example) have 4 momentary and 4 toggled on the same panel. There is also a mode with 8 sets of eight stored voltages.


I have been waiting for this, hope the price isn’t too crazy cos the tetrapad has 301 controller written all over it.


Hey @bc3 any updates on your slider/fader project?


Wow - I was considering a Malekko Voltage Block, but this might be better.


Received an update from Jason and he said that the digital IO is working perfectly but needs to do some surgery on the analog paths to get the mixer signal path working. It has been a little bit of a wait to bring this design to life but am sure it will be worth it once it is finished. We also agreed to use a black and gold faceplate like some of his other modules he has shown.

Will post an update as soon as I receive more info for sure!


Im using the ES FH1 connected to nay Behringer BCF2000


ADDAC Latches available now:


Happy to make any for those not comfortable with soldering, there’s some SMD stuff on this one - PM for details - cheers!


not a module, but cv.ocd attached to a midi device is perfect for this.
I’ve been using the 8 midi channels of the digitakt for gates. huge waste of midi channels, but on the plus side the gates are super accessible right there on the trig page and could have their own sequencer length. has been great so far. also gives me encoder control over 4 parameters, parameter locks… great combo!


but no recording on the tetrapad, right? no sequencer…
that would have been great though…


I read that a sequencer expander is planned. I’m on the fence currently. Also considering an expert sleepers FH-1.


A friend did some testing with various midi to cv modules and FH-1 came out tops for latency, but a bit of an arse to program apparently!


Yeah. That is my fear! I admit I’m also a little intimidated by the voltage block as well as it looks confusing to program sequences. Perhaps some people here can weigh in on both?


I really like Endorphin.es Shuttle Control, but don’t like that I have to connect my computer to program it - small beans, but annoying sometimes. I still really like Yarns, super module that is all hands on and can be programmed in situ!