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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Oh! This is awesome. Thanks for suggesting the FH-1. It even works with my Korg nanokontrol :smile:


Very nice synth you have there! I love the compact and powerful!


How is the nanokontrol working for you in conjunction with the 301? Can the buttons left to the sliders act as gates or even be latched? I guess the sliders are rather poor considering the price of this thing… :hushed:


@2disbetter and no analog in sight! :smiley:

@elias I’ve just set it up yesterday and the sliders work out of the box with the FH-1 (+/-5v in this moment). I have not tried yet Korg’s editing software so I can’t tell you what I can map yet. The sliders are not awesome quality, but, you know, I had this nanokontrol sitting there unused for a couple of years, it’s great to put it to some use again.


Decided to pick up a Planar last week, based on @trickyflemming 's recommendation very early in the thread, and I’m glad I did. It was between this and a combo of the Doepfer Joy Stick + Crossfader modules. In the end, Planar had more features. Aesthetically, it really looks nice right next to my ER-301 (People’s Choice), especially the lights on each corner of the joystick (orange leds) and the CV out leds on the lower half being green/red like the CV inputs on the ER-301.

I’ve also been using 2 Ladik modules:

U-080 - Triple Fixed CV
U-110 - Dual Attenuator/CV source

Both of those work really nicely but I think I’m going to swap out the knobs (going with these: 450-7618
soft touch t18 from Mouser) since these Ladik knobs are not really grippy enough and the Triple Fixed CV is a little tight in terms of knob/cable placement. Something interesting is that you could pair the Triple CV up with the Ladik switches module to flip the jumpers and set the voltage range of each knob as well uni/bipolar.

Definitely still tempted by the Tetrapad, but I still want to wait and see what people think of it once it’s released widely.


Yeah, Planar is seriously good. Vector mixer, crossfader, distributor, and/or tactile interface… it’s just a great design all-around.

I pre-ordered a Tetrapad today, so I’ll report back to this thread when it arrives.


I’ve been reading the MW thread about the tetra, seems like there is a lot of possibility for further development, which is good. The chip they have used is quite small though so there’s talk of the advanced functionality being part of an expander. Probably worth a read if you’re interested. I know I am but resisting the urge to buy anything new without being 100% sure these days, seems the happy days of buy / try / sell Euro without too much loss if it doesn’t work out are no longer a given!


I think I’ve found it.



I use Blinds like this! Bigger = easier for me!!


Responding to the “Playability” of the ER-301 going on in the firmware v0.3.0 thread:

I don’t see the ER-301 as necessarily “the” playable element in my setup, it is a programmable source that requires some outside elements that allow me to “play” it.

I use the Monome Walk and two foot pedals for gates/triggers into the ER-301, great for a hands-off focus.

I do look forward to getting an ADDAC 304 Manual Gates with 8 gates at some point to give me the hand control near the ER-301 that would lend itself to that level of playability.

I, like @bjlogic, use one of my Levit8’s as a modulation knob tool and to that end…

I’m looking forward to the Faderbank from some of the guys on the Monome forum that are working on a 16 slider stand-alone device with midi control and CV out. From the top image in the link you’ll notice there was no consideration for the CV outs, they were a very recent addition:


I recently built one of these. It’s sitting right next to my ER-301 now and it’s very useful there. Highly recommended if you have a lot of things you want to trigger manually from time to time. It was also a very quick and easy build. Took me a bit less than an hour.


I never assumed the ER-301 was supposed to be directly played through the interface, as there’s so many CV and Gate controls… ?


Stumbled upon this yesterday whilst looking for power supply options…



Ordered a Tetrapad.

Can’t wait for it to show up! An Intellijel person had a good point saying that you can use momentary faders to fire gates, too – just tap on the upper end of the fader. That, and there’s a bunch of different modes, of course.


Do you have some good news about your project?


Hey thanks for asking but the only info I have whenI heard from Jason last week or so was that the front panel was coming in soon and he would update me once he had one ready to go. He had to make some changes in the circuit to get the analog mixer portion working and had to make a revision to the pcbs I think. Trust me I wish this was a faster process as well but I can say for sure that the project is not dead!

If anyone here on the forum wants to know more about the project I would suggest reaching out to Jason via email: http://www.instruo.media/contact/

Follow him on Instagram here as well for sneak peaks on some more new ideas and designs:

Maybe if he sees some interest from more potential buyers it might speed up the process? Thanks!


I’m in the process of building this guy: http://doboz.audio/tsnm/ which I think is going to be killer next to my brand new ER-301 (arrived today!!)

Touch Sensing Note Memory it is, a DIY project at the moment. I think I have one of the only ten prototype eurorack modules available, but it will definitely become a product some day that more of us will enjoy.

OT: other modules and gear in general

Wow, love the aesthetics of the perforated LED grid on the TSNM. Very nice. Hard to tell from the demo video what the unit is doing vs external modules, but it looks very interesting… what’s it do?


It does everything !! On a more serious note, it does a lot. There is a ‘secret’ video that shows more of the functions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftVmpJmI7r0&feature=youtu.be It’s unlisted because prototype,
you know


So the video is the most up to date version of the TSNM? Are you building the one in the video or on the Doboz site?