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Interface modules for the ER-301?


I’m building the one in the features video.


A few of these could be fun


i actually think my favorite modules thus far to use with the 301 are just gates and offsets. the 301 does the rest, really.
right now, i’m using the endorphins shuttle control for 16 outs from the digitakt, which then clocks varigate 8, voltage block (sequence lengths of 1 per track gives me 8 faders for offset) and pamela’s workout. the “run” output on the shuttle control makes it so i don’t need a reset at all. freakin 16 trig/gate outputs (pam+v8+) are dope, not to mention the 16 on the shuttle control. if that’s not enough, INTELLIJEL PLANAR. :slight_smile:


hi @bc3 , i was wondering if the sliders output 5v or 10v ?



Did you get yours yet? What’s the verdict, everybody?

cc @josker


Absolutely love it. I’ve pretty much only used it in Faders mode, since it does so much there. It’s nice that I can switch between snap/reset modes per fader while also adding a variable amount of slew.


+1. And the same story, I’m still in Faders mode :smiley:

Having the latch option and slew makes it very very nice for manipulating nearly whatever. AND, you can set slew/latching per fader.

You can also use the faders option fire gates by just having it in a non-latching mode and then tapping a slider at the top of the range.


The Audio Damage Sequencer 1 is basically a clone of the Analog 4 Sequencer.


So beautiful! Any word on when it will be available?


Thanks, but just one channel right? I’d need four of them at least - eek!

The closest I have found is the Stillson Hammer - that is very ‘Elektron’ too and had four channels - super fast to program - but quirky!


No, and I’m struggling to get the parts together for my build. can’t tell you anything new about it!


this is great man!


Thank! Hope the build goes well when you do get everything


OK, meet Neonach.

Just messaged with Jason at Instruo and as you can see the hardware is ready. Still some programming to do on the different modes but so excited it is now a reality! I will update as soon as I receive more details but if anyone has any questions I will try my best to answer :grinning:


Veerry interested in the price. :slight_smile:


Looks great - I’m definitely interested in a general overview if you’re able to divulge.


Jason and I still need to finalize the modes which will be selected with the small button to the left of the right most fader. To quote myself from way back in this thread:

“The current idea is there will be (3) modes of functionality. Mode (1) would simply be a “manual mode” with each fader sending out 0-5V and each button would latch on sending a gate out. Mode (2) would be a “trigger mode” where a tap of the button sends a trigger out or if you hold the button down it would send triggers synced at the rate of an incoming clock rate. As you increase the fader level while holding down the trigger button the rate of triggers could multiply to get ratcheting. The idea for Mode (3) would be a “sequencer mode” where fader movements could be recorded and then play back looped to the incoming clock. Button presses would also be recorded and looped then sent out as rhythmic triggers.” These were just some basic ideas I presented to Jason and are sure to be refined.

I’m thinking the additional two modes will have something to do with the analog mixer functionality for audio signals, but need to get Jason’s thoughts as he added this to the design. If anyone has any suggestions for additional modes they think might be possible to implement with the hardware design I am all ears!

As far as price is concerned I have no idea yet, sorry. Please keep in mind that this will not be “mass produced” and will be a custom order most likely. Getting very close now and will post updates as soon as I have them. Thanks!


Please keep us informed, looks like a ton of fun


That looks wonderful- love the aesthetic! Nice work!!


awesome, interested too