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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Totally into this. I hope the release is not too far off. I’m waiting for a fitting control unit (mostly manual cv + gates) for the 301 since i got it and this looks perfect.
Keep us updated :slight_smile:


@bc3 As far as ideas are concerned, the two things that pop up for me are with Mode 1:

Wondering how its resolution compares to the voltage block, and if it is possible to allow control over the minimum and maximum voltage values (between 0-5)?


nice stuff! don’t like being picky…but is it possible to have a more minimal aluminium plate appearance? :slight_smile:


Seems that more and more eurorack companies are switching to black panels for some reason? I prefer silver too.


Agreed. Maybe not silver for me but grayscale non black panels are so great.



grey is great…:slight_smile:


I meant the standard aluminum, grayscale, etc, whatever you want to call it these days. :smile:


Jason started going with black plates because engraving on his CNC machine became to be very time consuming apparently. If you really need a silver face plate I would reach out to him and see if he would still offer that option. :grin:


I will make a note of this and put it on the list for Jason, thx!


Very interested in this, if it behaves as well as the descriptions this will pretty much be an essential partner to the ER-301!!

Greyscale? What about Nostalgia or Original flavours? :rofl:


As soon as I saw this I knew where it was going :slight_smile:


Cool video for the ADDAC Manual Gates and Manual Latches!


Just added master mode to the 16n firmware (a 16 fader unit that is in development over on the monome forum). It can communicate with the ER-301 directly over the i2c integration that was created for the Monome teletype. No CV patch cables necessary.

Here is a video of me testing the integration controlling just seven parameters on the ER-301. You can also see a few other modules responding to the i2c in the background (a monome Ansible and 4 TXo).

Learn more about the 16n here:


Very very cool! :clap: Network effects are emerging!


Sio excited for the faderbank!

Thank you again for all your work!


Gahhh 16 faders and no patch cables - I am all over this :star_struck:


is there a extra Module necessary to conect it without patchcables ?


I don’t think so, but yeah, getting the cable from the faderbank into your euro case is a good question!


To connect the Faderbank to your Eurorack take a look at this TXb from @bpcmusic, same guy who makes the Telex. It’s the black 2HP prototype panel in this Instagram image. It will also have i2c connections below the front panel.


Ah, ok! That answers my question @bpcmusic - if the TXb acts as an i2c interface to the 301 (faderbank > TXb > 301), I will definitely be picking up the pair.