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Interface modules for the ER-301?


@bpcmusic also pointed out the TXb is able to work as a Master i2c device so you won’t have to have a Teletype (yet!):


Who beautiful!


Txb and 16 faderbank too!
Great job!


I think it is the fader bank that is working as a master device and the TXb is just a powered i2c bus board as the backpack is.

Although it would be nice if it had a switch to switch between two master devices, e.g. teletype and 16n. But this feels to be complicated to solve.


I thought that messages were simply put out on the bus and read by all devices. There could be conflicts if the Teletype and Fader Bank are both trying to broadcast to the same device?


How about being able to assign different modes to different sliders?

Or even a split would work, say 4 manual, 4 trigger and 2 sequencer perhaps?

I keep coming back to this, it’s a great design - I really like it.


woah. that is huge!


Yeah. In my experiments, they can co-exist and sorta work. But, there is a chance for conflict and. when that happens in my experience, things can lock up. For now, I would recommend keeping to one active master on a bus.

When the 16n is a master, it does talk to all of the target devices it supports. That means that the multiple Ansible, TXo, and ER-301 all receive their own commands on fader move.


Thank you for clarifying this! So it means that it would not make sense also to have multiple i2c master modules in a setup because even if they do not conflict with each other and provoke a lock up they would constantly overwrite each other sent values, right?

Might not so much be an issue with the Er-301 and its hundred virtual channels but it sounds as if an TXo will not be usable with teletype in such a mixed setup. Or do I get something wrong here?


What about the SSSR Labs SM010 Matriarchate:

It has an ic2 port for remote control. Little teletype action on this and the 301 could be very interesting. :thinking:





on this topic:

the most exciting part about the friendship with tt and er301, IMHO, is when you add a monome grid and the grid ops. teletype has “only” 8 triggers to react to. add a grid and you instantly have 128 trigger buttons, or faders, groups etc… now add clocking, sequencing, probability and all the other building blocks in the tt language. married to a er301 the potential is huge to say the least, your custom super sequencer/workstation. you just need some imagination and sweat to build your thing first.


It was my original intent in the design to have exactly this behavior by having a 3 position switch under each fader to select the mode for that fader. I will have to ask Jason if this still might be possible with the current hardware design. If the buttons below each fader have the ability to display different colors possibly there could be a way to select the mode with the “master mode” button, hold it down then select which fader you wanted to be in that mode, then that button would light up in the color of the selected mode for visual feedback.

If so this would be killer but I will report back as soon as I confirm with Instruo.


Nice one - cheers!!

Best wishes for this, it would really make the module imho :slight_smile:


Pretty interested in this !!


Trying to do rack planning. What’s the HP on this bad boy? When’s it getting added to modulargrid? :wink:



Will work on getting it added to modular grid


testing the analog outputs on the 16n:

blue faders are controlling the 301


Wow, that’s really shaping up to be a beauty!


Finally got round to building this TSNM module. It’s a beautiful thing. This is one of the only ten made as a pre-release, but apparently it will be available soon.

This is a very simple FM patch on the ER-301. The FM index is controlled by the pressure on TSNM. (Sorry for the noise on the recording, don’t know where that happened :thinking: