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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Doepfer Micro Keyboard / Manual Gate Modules: http://www.doepfer.de/A1731.htm

Could be interesting…any thoughts? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Any news on this promising module? I desperately need a control unit for my 301 and this seems still the best tailored one of the few in question to give the 301 some hands-on company.
Hope the release is near… maybe i should contact instruo?


I am quietly waiting on this too hehe :wink:


Yes, please contact Jason directly as it might help to speed development along. As always I will post updates as soon as I receive any, thanks!


The SM010 is really interesting and the i2c connect is just the icing on the cake. I’ve been trying to think about how I could use one in my own rack.



FWIW, I emailed him awhile back about this - no response!


That may be because of all the work that is going into this absolute beast :smiley:



Thanks for sharing this, very clear demonstration of what it does and it is amazing, very precise!

I can think of quite a few folk who would absolutely love this :slight_smile:


no idea what the state is, but you might consider this currently

(please flag me if you read this and the info became outdated)


He posted on muffs that there are some first run boards that have an issue. I’m guessing that this is what this is referring to.



Excellent work! Very thorough and well thought out module!



DANG, these fader controller options for the er-301 are very sexy… . however, it’s a total shame they all only output 0-5v, not even enough to fully sweep through the er-301’s entire parameter values LOL

Suppose you could do a work around with midi + fh-1, but that’s taking away from the simplicity of the controller and adding $$$


I built one of those TSNM modules (with max frustration and a lot of help @Bparticle ) and it is really great with the 301. I’ve never had a touch plate module, super fun.

Here is some noodling where the er301 is all doing all synth voices and audio mixing.
Just a delay and a little op1 drum/fx on top.


Should be able to scale appropriately within the 301, yea?


5v is enough to fully sweep through… it’s just a matter of scaling in the 301…


Nice!! What parameters are you modulation with the pressure CV?


Anyone used control forge with 301? Im curious.


Its doing the sine wave parameter… what is it, not the pitch or phase the other one… lol well its doing that for a couple of sine oscillators. Then the wet amount on the delay and a VCA opening to let in noise on spring reverb. I have the stackables jumping up too high, I’m going to rework the case to fit a proper multiple in there!

Its hard to tell but the v/0 is also going into a shift register so parts of the synth voice are ‘behind’ in pitch then catch up. I need a better clock module. Its too bad I can’t fit the larger 4ms one in there. The case is just too small. I’ll try picoTrigger I think for 3hp.


oh no way? well i stand corrected!

Last time I tried to use 5v to fully sweep the er301’s params it only reached 50% in range despite maxing the offest/%. i’ll try again with the latest firmware ;]