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Interface modules for the ER-301?


Yeah, good point – I should’ve been more specific… I was thinking about tone as well, which can be tricky with guitars. But it is probably the case that a good non-euro DI box would fit the bill better than anything that’s on offer in euro format. :slight_smile:


Magical carvings for my ER-301 controller skiff.


Just realized: The Expert Sleepers FH-2 is pretty much perfect for the 301.

It lets you plug in a USB controller and then translate the faders/buttons/etc into control voltages. It also has built in arpeggiators, euclidian generators etc.

I’ve waited for a solution for integrating cheap and cheerful controllers with euro for a while now. Yes.


I use an FH-1 with a Faderfox UC-3 and its pretty much exactly what I want


Hey there!
Was wondering if you’d have any news regarding the neonach?
I could use a pcb/panel/programmed chip if it’s easier!!
Thanks a lot


Your best bet is to try and reach out directly to Jason at Instruo for information on this custom build. The module is still in a “beta” phase with just limited functionality, but if you have some skills with programming Arduino (learning now myself) Jason will send you the source code to play around with if you are able to get a module. Sorry but that is all of the info I have at this point. thx-


That is a great start for sure!
Thanks sir, I’ll try


@trickyflemming I think you just made a sale for Intellijel, that last idea on the Planar is brilliant!


Has anyone been using Teletype and grid with the new grid ops enabled 3.0 firmware as a control surface for the ER-301? Seems to me like it’s kind of the ultimate interface for ER-301 control now, what with the large number of connections over i2c.

If so, just wondering if anyone has come up with any particular layout that works well for a kind of generic control surface, not specific to any particular patch? I was going to start experimenting with this. Thinking a page of sixteen 7 height fine faders, on the top rows, and then the bottom row being split in half with 8 momentary type buttons and 8 toggle type buttons might be a good start…


I’ve been wanting to get to this but have been beta testing a couple of things that are consuming the majority of my synth time. While I updated my TT to 3.0 I’ve not been able explore it at all yet. Looking forward to what else you find.


same here, i’ve been thinking of such a generic grid+TT control surface but haven’t had any time to actually try and do it.


I’m just through the basics of learning the 301 and tt but haven’t started on grid ops yet. I’ve been watching your work on lines and this is definitely the next thing that I learn. In response to your question I think a set of faders and/or switches and an 8 track trigger sequencer together with the grid control page would be pretty complete. Not sure if all this is possible though …


I have a generic template I use with the 301 that contains pages selectable by buttons. One page for trigger sequencer/pattern length/reset. One page for cv sequencer and one page for faders. I have run out of script space though!!! Would really like to have more scripts, longer lines or more lines per script.


Hehe, yep, my first grid ops project ran me right out of script lines too. I do hope that maybe the phantom script concept might get added in future firmware, although I have no idea if that’s a tweak or complete re-write, or if the processor can even handle more.

@scanner_darkly has done an awesome job with the grid ops stuff, and you can get a whole lot done with what’s there, but the TT is such a beast now, it seems almost like a forgone conclusion that you’ll run out of script space before you run out of ideas! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to take a crack at a generic 301 control scene soon. Maybe I’ll spin up a dedicated thread so we can compare notes. Would love to see what you’ve done @apeirophobe if you feel like sharing, but no pressure of course.


Sorry for the noob question whispered here, by “TT”, you mean terminal tedium, right?


If @scanner_darkly is mentioned with “TT”, I’d assume Teletype. He is the grid ops master.


Thanks for this!!


Yes, Teletype. Sorry for the ambiguous abbreviation.


I’m just not familiar with monome’s world… thanks


that’s a great idea! i’ll be happy to contribute some thoughts.

there are many different ways you could go about it too, especially considering the sheer number of controllable parameters. i don’t think the max number of scripts / lines available will be much of a limitation here - since it’s generic you could do a lot with just a couple of lines (say, a 16 faderbank can be done with 2 lines).

another thought (which probably belongs to the teletype thread) - would be cool to create a bunch of custom units specifically for teletype integration. so, say a synth voice with each parameter controllable from teletype (you would select the starting index so you could have multiple units, or select the same index and expose transposition as another parameter - now you can create chords easily…). or an 8 track sample player, etc etc.