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Interface modules for the ER-301?


I’d be happy to share it if you don’t mind messy scripts! It will have to wait a while though as all my studio gear is in storage as we are in the middle of moving.


I like where you’re going there! Another idea I thought might be pretty useful is to make a middle layer unit that is essentially an X channel (maybe 4 or 8) mixer where the channel levels, pans, solo/mute are controlled by a grid ops scene.

I wouldn’t worry about it being messy. How bad could it get in 60 lines? :smile:


an example of using grid/teletype as an interface for er-301 - the idea here is you have 16 faders. you can select 2 presets and then use another fader to morph between them, and you can manually adjust faders at any point as well. in this example i’m using the 16 CVs to control 2 manual grains units and 2 delays.


This Ribn app paired with a mid>CV converter like the FH-1 could be interesting for controlling the 301. It can do up to 8 faders or writable LFOs


That’s interesting


It is pretty much perfect for everything. Personal opinion is that an FH-2 and expander should be on the short list for basically everyone’s eurorack build.

Lovely stuff.


Couldn‘t agree more. It does everything and is so flexible to set up.


Is the FH-2 an upgrade to the FH-1 or a complimentary product?


I’m trying to figure out the similarities/differences between the FH-2 and the Endorphins Shuttle Control. They look quite similar. Anyone have both that could compare/contrast them, maybe specifically with an eye toward ER-301? I have the Shuttle Control (SC). Some points that jump out at me:

  • SC is more expensive, but has more 2x more outs w/o purchasing an expander (price of FH-2 + FHX-1 is comparable to SC). FH-2 + FHX-1 = 12hp. Shuttle Control = 12hp
  • SC does have an expander (Shuttle Mate) with 5-pin MIDI on the face, and can also be used for daisly chaining MIDI
  • FH-2 has LCD and a knob for some real time control? Looks like you can fully configure it without a computer, which would be really nice, assuming it’s easy enough to use. SC has 16 presets to store configs but can’t be configured without the web-tool
  • Don’t think SC has a Euclidean generator at this point. It does seem to have maybe a few output options that FH-2 doesn’t? E.g. SC has a pretty well developed arpeggiator output, quite a bit of random/prob stuff.
  • FH-2 has 2 ins I think? (X,Y) Shuttle control has none. Assume this is to carry a signal back to a computer from the modular? Or maybe for modulation of some of the outputs?
  • Shuttle control has a bunch of control via MIDI CCs pre-mapped. E.g. you can output an LFO and control rate/amplitude with a CC. Not sure if FH-2 does that?
  • SC can be a bus power source
  • Both seem to be being actively developed still.

Shuttle Control Editor: https://endorphin.es/cargo3/
FH-2 Editor: http://expert-sleepers.co.uk/webapps/fh2_config_tool.html


I’m also interested in this comparison (as a shuttle control user). The inputs on the Fh-2 are intriguing…

Shuttle control can also be used as a power supply for a small system or chained to something like a Row Power to add juice to a bigger system. (Oh yeah you said that)

Also, you can host a midi device and power another device with the two usb ports. I often use the shuttle control to host a midi twister, and power a keystep with the other port (and use the cvs on the keystep to interface with the modular).


It is an upgraded model. However, the FH-1 can be chained to the FH-2, which is interesting if you’ve already bought the FH-1.

The inputs allow for a lot of things. Mainly for modulation of outputs, but also for clocks, and other various things.

Going through your list Joe, I’ll answer what I can:
-The FH-1 and 2 can use a Midi DIN 5 breakout as well. It is the same one you’d use on the Disting mk4.
-You can fully configure the FH-2 from the module. I imagine it’ll be a little clunky, but totally possible. Preferred method is through the web client.
-The arp on the FH-1 was pretty robust and is present on the FH-2. Not sure how it compares to the SC as I’ve never had one.
-The FH-2 comes pre-configured from some generic stuff. One thing I found very useful was that the FH-1 and 2 are device aware, and they can load certain scripts based on that information.
-The FH-1 and presumably 2 are also bus power sources. I charge my roli’s through the FH-1. As far as I understand it, any module which exposes a USB port must be able to provide at least 500mA at 5v or they wouldn’t be able to work with all USB devices.

One feature I thought was great on the FH-2 is that it can act as a host and client at the same time. This means you could be controlling it with a roli seaboard, for example, and also have your computer plugged into the client port, where your DAW could be sequencing on a different midi channel specific ports not being used by the seaboard. Very flexible, and incredibly powerful as a result.


Thanks @2disbetter. I think SC can be a host and client at the same time as well. I’ve never used it that way.

The XY inputs make the FH-2 really interesting.

To be honest the one thing I don’t like about the SC is that you have to use a computer to configure it. This keeps me from using it to it’s full potential, I think. In it’s defense, there are 16 presets, and if I would take an evening to sit down and try to really design even 4 or 5 presets that I thought would work really well with my workflow, it would probably be solved, but I have never done that. Guess i should!

If you told me that configuring the FH-2 from its panel was easy, inspiring, and delightful, I think I’d add one to my cart right now. Looking at the size of the LCD and the controls, and based on my experience with a couple of distings though, I’m afraid it might be clunky enough that it I wouldn’t bother with it very often. Not sure there’s enough to make me want to switch. If I didn’t have either today, both still look like solid choices, but the FH-2 might win due to the 2 inputs and from-the-panel config.


Oh, PS, I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing here. Not provide power to USB devices from the Euro rails (though the SC does that too). But you can actually plug an external power brick into the front of the SC, change a jumper on the back, and it can be the power supply for a small case full of modules. I don’t use that feature but could be a differentiator for someone who does - saves you the hp (and cost) of an additional power supply in a small case.


Hahaha, thanks for letting me down gently. We are def not talking about the same thing. Hahahaha.


I’m also afraid based on my disting mk3 experience. Expert Sleepers stuff seems to have so much potential though, so I go back and forth.

Still not clear if FH-2 is a big improvement or a slight upgrade. I’d mainly set it up to use with a keyboard, faders, and maybe some odd bits in the USB HID category. My hope is that you can set these things up and then it’s just plug and play from then on. Since I mainly want faders, I may wait things out until the Faderbank project on LINES manifests.


The main thing, is there are no more scripts. You either configure it through the front panel, or the web client.

The other big thing, and this is massive, is that it is a host and client now. Where as the FH-1 was only able to be a host.


That’s awesome. Does it remember each device you plug into it uniquely, so you can set different things up and then plug-n-play?


So the fh-1 did this but it was script based. I believe it is possible on the fh-2 as it is still device aware. Should this be the case, yes it would load the custom setup for the device recognized at plug in.


Or if the FH-3 is going to be featured at Winter NAMM 2019. :rofl:

Seriously, there is a lot of of bang for the buck in the Expert Sleepers stuff. But there does seem to be a little bit of a pattern there of coming out with “what the previous hardware should have been” each year for a few years… As a consumer, that can be a little frustrating for me, producing that “wish I would have waited” feeling. Especially when one of the big selling points of the new model is making it less cumbersome to use.

One more edit. I will say that the with the distings, I have received many free firmware updates with tons of new features, and he’s very responsive on support. Don’t want to sound like an ES basher - there are a lot of good things.


There is a new version of the Tetrapad firmware that adds Combo mode, where you can assign different functions (toggles, triggers, LFOs, Uni/Bi-polar Faders, etc) to each column. It makes a great customizable controller for the ER-301

More info and download here: https://forum.intellijel.com/t/tetrapad-2-0-beta/1043/2